01 October, 2009

fall is flying by!

it's already october!

and without meaning to, levi and i have been testing out halloween costumes for the past week.

some of our favorites:


levi as a giant banana

me as a giant chicken...it was so hot in that thing.

truth be told, we most likely won't be dressing up this year.

sad, right?

but we don't really want to dress up if we can't do it right, and i don't think we really want to spend the money this year on dressing up as these two:

you just wait though! some day, levi and i will dress up as the adorable, semi-creepy, almost incestuous margot and richie tenenbaum.

it's perfect!


  1. margot and richie... GENIUS!! y'all should totally go as them...

  2. adorable :) i won't be dressing up either this year, but sometimes watching a scary movie and handing out candy is just as fun!

  3. That is the costume for you!!!! LOVE IT!!! I can get you one of those terry clothe head bands....

  4. LOVE The Royal Tenenbaums! Sweet costume idea.

  5. Oh and last year I just crimped my hair and wore super funky metallic eyelashes. It was fun and my kids thought the eyelashes were super cool.

  6. i'm making my costume this year. making what you ask? a cheeseburger. mm mm good.

  7. it is so perfect!! except you're kind of really adorable as a flapper and a chicken too!

  8. omg PLEASE be the tenenbaums!

  9. Oh I love it! Although the banana and the chicken are a close second!

  10. so scott, my husband, is short, with a shaved head, muscular, kinda stocky. i'm tall, thin, dark brunette hair.

    soooo i think we'd make the perfect popeye and olive oyl (!!!!) but he is *not* having it! bummer.

  11. I LOVE you as a giant chicken! I also LOVE Halloween! This year, I'm going to be a sailor...


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