09 October, 2009

i'm grateful

this week i have been grateful...

...for sunday night drives home from my mom's house on pch. it feels like it's just me and levi on that long stretch of beautiful road.
...for a desire to tidy up the house and cook.
...that God is helping me to be more content with my life, my finances, my body, my hair, everything.
...for southern california sunsets. i don't think anywhere else can top them.
...for sleepy kitties in my lap.
...for my new twitter background - it makes me smile every time i see it. and for twitter in general. at first, i thought twitter was weird, and i didn't like it, but now i love it. it's like tiny little mini blogs. so much fun!
...for my little pumpkin candle house.
...for not one, but two, ditch days. i'm terrible, i know, but i enjoyed those days so much.
...for my buddy, levi.
...for cooler weather, happy walks, pumpkin everything, and gorgeous fresh flowers.

hope you all have a beautiful & grateful weekend!


  1. Jasmine love your blog, kitties and your hair - from your short haired sister in the UK! Kitty :-)

  2. Thanks so much for this post. I seriously needed it. I think it just inspired me to make a grateful list as well and then things will just feel better. :)

  3. have a happy weekend!!!

    I love your hair!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Do you use picnik?

    I had a ditch day yesterday, it was great!

  5. follow. check.

    i love your background too!

  6. Great grateful list. :)

    And I know you're going to say something like, Ali - you're wrong! but I love your brown hair. Yep, I doo!

  7. aww...your photos made me miss West Coast flower shops in Canada!! The ones I have seen in the South thus far are pretty tacky.
    Happy weekend! xoxo

  8. aw, great post.
    I have to agree with you about the California sunsets, they are amazing.

    ps. you look so pretty with all the flowers

  9. What a beautiful, lovely, inspiring post!! Have a wonderful weekend jasmine!!


  10. Thanks for the uplifting post. I dig the flowers!

  11. When I drive on the PCH I always say to myself I can't believe I live here. So gorgeous

  12. Awww I love this! We are so lucky living here! And I am going to get some flowers this weekend!

    P.S I LOVE your hair. Seriously. And we all know I take hair wayyyy too seriously hahaha..

    P.S.S Cupcake and pumpkin latte scheduling? :)

  13. ooh this makes me want to fill our house with fall flowers!!

  14. love, love, love this post! i think i'm going to have to steal the idea! it was JUST the pick-me-up i needed! i love your hair, btw, i wish i could cut mine that short and have it look so cute!! have a fab weekend!

  15. i love your blog! I am new to the so called blogging world, and your blog was a fun one to come across. Great post. adorable pictures. hope you enjoy your beautiful weekend. I'll be sure to check up soon. xoxo.

  16. And a GRATEFUL weekend to you!!!
    Blessings, Love and Light

  17. Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
    -marcel proust

    lovely lovely post my dear. so much to be thankful for.

  18. love your list! i write the twitter page for the place where i work, as well as the one for scott's store, and i kind of want my own now! however, i feel like facebook, flickr and a sadly neglected blog is enough for me to keep up!

  19. your kitty looks so much like our car, Nori. If you follow my blog, you will know that we recently had to put her down. She was almost 17 years old. I really miss her. I love your dark hair.

  20. im digging your hair! and i like these pics too.

    hope you had a great weekend xo

  21. have i thanked/admired you yet for having short hair? i just recently decided to buzz mine down all by myself (what could be more liberating than standing naked in one's own bath tub and taking the clippers to one's own hair i have yet to discover). i'm so excited to find other gals with equally short locks :)


  22. jasmine, i feel so behind on your blog! i've been bad at keeping up with everyone! i love all of your pics in the recent posts :) gretel is SOO cute, getting big fast!
    i love this little list :) i need to turn my twitter back on. it got overwhelming for a little bit, but now i miss it.
    hope you're doing well!!

  23. What a fun fall post.
    Love the pics.
    And your hair!

  24. Sooo jealous you took 2 days off! Sounds like you have had a lovely time lately! :) LOVE the photos as well!

  25. I was born and raised in Southern California and currently live in Arizona... And I would have to say that Phoenix sunsets definitely rival the sunsets of my homeland.. Just sayin :)

  26. I mentioned our date in my latest...because I am so excited to see you again lady! XO

  27. Carina and I call this "gratitude journal." We saw it on Oprah at least ten years ago and even though we don't write it down, every time we feel grateful we say "gratitude journal!" I think it's really important. PS) I like your hair!


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