02 October, 2009

this week, i...

...ate an entire box of fruit roll-ups all by myself.
...had to "reset" my mood every single day.
...didn't have a chance to respond to all your incredible emails. you have no idea how much they mean to me though. i keep rereading them.
...watched lily and gretel make friends! they play all the time now!
...almost lost my little gretel gremlin baby. she got out when we left, and levi didn't discover it until he got home and heard her crying under the front window. i cried when he told me.
...didn't study as much as i should have.
...wore foot undies. hehehe!
...went to a pretty intense yoga class with levi.
...lit my very last belgian waffle candle. and they're discontinued. boo! but i did make a funny mustache with the shadow from the light of the candle:

what did you do this week?


  1. this week, I packed up all of my movies, and am on to packing my little office and office supply closet. We separated out what we want to sell in our all-weekend garage sale, read my favorite blogs while at work :), and got chips n salsa to go from Chili's.

    I can't wait to move to a new town! love your blog, girl! sounds like u had an intense week. make it a great weekend!


  2. i went to classes 8:30-4:30, then came home and slept every. single. day.
    this is why i love the weekend. funtimes!

  3. I love your blog! It always makes my day! And I wish that I had eaten an entire box of fruit roll ups. Lucky...

  4. Worked, worked, worked, read your blog and realized that I too have had to reset my mood for quite a while now. That about sums up my week.

    I wish I could find a guy that would go to yoga classes with me! You win.

  5. I crunched the fallen leaves that are now filling my backyard, and cuddled inside under a blanket with some hot apple cider (It's been in the lower 50's here this week!) Have a good weekend and give the furry ladies lots of love!!!!

  6. Aw, I'm so glad Gretel is safe and sound! And a belgian waffle candle?? Sounds amazing and I'm sad I missed it!

    This week I used two entire boxes of Kleenex on my nose. Fun times. :)

  7. A BELGIAN WAFFLE CANDLE?! does it smell like belgian waffles? oh my.. i'll totally be hungry alll the time! It's been a long while since i stopped by! I've changed my blog add by the way. I hope the weekend will bring you better moods :)

  8. I wanna eat that belgian waffle candle (: I did NOTHING this week! which is great..since school officially starts this coming week! (: have a great weekend, love xx

  9. CUUUTE picture! okay, this week:
    -didn't do too much monday, had a photoshoot all evening on tuesday, spent all wednesday editing from the time i got home from work until midnight (yeesh!), edited for a bit yesterday and had two softball games (lost one, won one), finished editing, and today i'm at work with another softball game tonight!

  10. I've never seen a Belgian waffle candle. It looks cute!

  11. That belgian waffle candle sounds deeelightful! Love your blog. It's so cute! Have a great weekend!

  12. I love that picture! I also love your blog!

  13. love this! is "reset" like, check yourself when it's bad and start over good? i like that...

  14. I am also absolutely capable of eating the whole box of fruit roll-ups by myself. But I am also more than capable of gaining 78 Ib after that. How do you keep your figure, woman!?

    Regarding the moods, I am the moodiest person ever. And I'm so glad you're talking about it. It's just such a bother to me to be going through mood roller coasters all the time. It's exhausting. For both me and my husband. I'm working on it, though. xoxox

  15. I did so much this week but it sounds like you had an awesome week

  16. last week we my first week of grad school...so lots of first there...letting go of getting lost in a new city, teaching to a class full of people who probably know more than me, getting caught in the rain...etc.

  17. i love this post! i love fruit roll ups! i could eat a whole box of fruit roll ups too :) it sounds like a pretty fun week! thanks for your comment on my blog!


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