26 October, 2009

fall weekend

we didn't really get to spend much time together this weekend.

i went to see complexions contemporary ballet with my mom on saturday night, and levi went to a hair fashion show in LA last night, so we really only had sunday morning/afternoon together.

we spent it at the park enjoying fall. (and after levi got home, around midnight, we went in search of a 24 hour mcdonald's for oreo mcflurries...it might have been the highlight of my weekend.)

{this is proof that leaves do fall here in autumn...like 5 of them.}


  1. Hi Jasmine!

    I hope you don't think this is strange, but I saw your comment on Mormon In Manhattan's blog about her Dad's cancer journey.

    I stumbled upon a blog that is doing an awesome "Card Drive" for Natalie Hill's Dad and thought you might be interested:


  2. You two look cute!
    (Like 5 of them haha)

  3. sounds like a lovely weekend! mcflurries are the best... and you and levi look adorable as always.


  4. Love the pictures. You two are the cutest :)

  5. oooh that last photo is just gorgeous!!! I am loving Fall too! xo

  6. Aw, I love these photos! :)

  7. Awww you guys are adorable! And the ballet?! How fun!!

  8. Oh fall in california... way cool picture of you throwing leaves by the way!

  9. at least you got some reallllllllly cute pictures! also, i want to go to the ballet!

  10. how cute!! love the photo of you two :) xxxx

  11. Haha, and our backyard has about 5 BILLION freaking leaves!

  12. Looks like a happy-go-lucky, fun day!

  13. you look really beautiful in that top picture. and really happy. perhaps the two go hand in hand.

  14. haha all 5 of them ey..
    Does Levi cut and colour hair? I cant remember what he does but that sounds familiar.
    your outfit is lovely and I also love the above post about him :)
    lucky girl, lucky him.


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