08 October, 2009


little gretel is growing up!

almost all of her fuzzy kitten fur is gone. it makes me so sad. why can't she just stay little forever?

gretel has accrued many nicknames. here are some of them:

gretel-bot (like a robot)
gretel-pop (you have to sing this one...to the tune of nsync's dirty pop)
monkey (she has an m on her forehead)

there are more, but i think 6 is enough for now.

gretel really loves food. human food. she's always "starving." every time i walk into the kitchen, she meows pitifully. she probably is hungry a lot of the time since she spends all her waking moments playing like crazy. she's hilarious. some of her favorite human foods:

cereal milk
whipped cream
ricotta cheese
tomato sauce
macaroni and cheese
parmesan fishie crackers (just like her momma)
peanut butter
chicken (that's a no brainer)
baked potato

she and lily are now the best of friends. they keep each other company all day and play like wild animals all night. we love our little kitty girls. when levi comes home, he says, "ladies, daddy's home" in a really deep, funny voice. it cracks me up. hopefully, when we're (finally) able to get a puppy, we fall in love with a boy puppy for levi's sake. we need to balance things out around here!


  1. She is adorable! My co-worker recently told me that a well defined M on the forehead means they are a good mouser.... we're not sure how true that is though. And as for Levi in a house of females, I can commiserate as I am the only female living with a male human, saint bernard, kitten, and fish!

  2. She has the most beautiful face. I would probably call her "Batcat"....those ears! Too cute.

  3. Gretel is so cute- great photo btw

    Have a great day!


  4. You are kitty crazy! And I love it. We're the same way, except opposite. It's me, Alex, and Zeus (our little puppy boy)... and yesterday, we just found out we're having a baby... GIRL! I love my boys, but I think a baby girl will be a nice addition to even things out a bit!

  5. Our puppies are both girls too and he calls them Mrs. and Ladies! :) I think he likes being surrounded by all the ladies. (Plus when you have a girl dog you dont have to worry about the lipstick showing up when they get excited! ) OK, TMI. :)

  6. She's sooooo cute! I love kitties too. My kitty girl is my bff.

  7. nicknames are the most adorable things in the entire universe.

    so cute!

  8. oh gosh.. now I want to listen to the whole 'celebrity' album.....

  9. cute! oh I hope you do get a puppy, I am obsessed with them at the moment :)

  10. hahaha adorable post. gretel-pop (like dirty-pop) is my fave nickname.


  11. ooohh, how CUTE! i have 4 cats and about 50 nicknames for them. love my babies!

  12. SO ADORABLE! I am laughing "dirty pop"...I can sooo hear that song now. And it seems that Gretel and I have the same taste in food! :)

  13. random, but she might like olives haha, my cat was OBSESSED with olives. gretel sure is a cutie!

  14. The well-defined "M" on the forehead is characteristic of all tabby cats! My little boy, Mowgli, has one too. He is 6 1/2 months now & growing up so fast! I can definitely relate. :)


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