16 July, 2011

This Week.

This week has been one of the happiest I've had in some time. Levi and I got to spend a ton of extra time together, and we made good use of it. We didn't slip into any stupid, pointless arguments. We didn't have any conflicting agendas. We both wanted to be together, and we both wanted to just enjoy ourselves. It was pretty great.

My alone time this week was pretty great too. I've been feeling really guilty, anxious, and overwhelmed about how I spend my time lately. These feelings never get me anywhere. They don't motivate me to a place of productivity; instead, they paralyze me into doing absolutely nothing. I hate when I get to that place. That didn't happen this week. I made great use of my time. And instead of sitting motionless on the couch, staring at some mindless television show once all my work was done, I made a point to actually enjoy my spare time. I did yoga. I read. I flipped through magazines. I cooked. I felt inspired, happy, and satisfied.

See?? This is what happens when the kitchen is completely clean for the first time in three months. I can only imagine what next week will bring if we clean the rest of the house over the weekend...


  1. I just scrubbed the heck out of my kitchen...let's hope this week brings me as much serenity and happiness as yours did last week!

  2. I'm so glad! I feel better about myself when i accomplish things too!!! Have a great week, sweetie!

  3. THIS POST MAKES ME SO HAPPY. omg i love seeing you like this.

  4. Awww I love this post! You make me smile!


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