05 July, 2011

The First Morning

Levi only had to work for about five hours during our trip to Portland. Pretty sweet, right??! We felt so incredibly fortunate that this trip worked out so perfectly. While Levi was gone, I stayed in the hotel room and did some work on my laptop. After I was done, I decided it was time to get outside and get some Portland coffee.

I got dressed and took a walk by myself. I love walking in a new city all alone, getting acquainted with it.



I couldn't get over all the trees for the entire trip. It blew my mind that I was in a proper city surrounded by trees. Big trees. Driving on the freeway there is like driving through a forest! The first night we were there, we took a little walk before bed, and I had a full-blown laughing attack over all the trees. It was so weird. And beautiful.


After my little walk, I arrived at the downtown Stumptown Coffee on SW 3rd and ordered a macchiato. When I walked up and said I'd like a macchiato without looking at the menu, the barista asked if I'd ever had coffee there before. I said no, and he went on to explain to me what a macchiato was. Apparently, I don't look like I'm from Portland or like I know anything about coffee... I think he thought that I thought I was ordering a Starbucks caramel macchiato. Ummm, please, Mr. Barista, I know what I'm doing.




GOOOOOOOOOOD stuff. I miss it so much. Levi met me while I was drinking my coffee. We were both all done with work and ready to explore Portland together!!



  1. haha oh Stumptown... They would try to school you in coffee! I can say that because I'm from Portland :) And so funny you mention the trees -- never even noticed! It's all I've ever known!

  2. yep and yep! i'm just barely adjusting to all the GREEN in portland. after moving from phoenix to portland (polar opposites) my husband and i drove around for weeks in awe of it all.

    i still can't help taking picture of all the MOSS on everything too!

    can't wait to see more from your trip!

  3. man i love coffee. it's night time here in chicago and i am going to bed dreaming about coffee :) your trip sounds so fun, i can't wait to read more. where does levi work?

  4. haha! You're so cute, and what was mr. barista thinking?

  5. Love these photographs! love yoU!

  6. They Have Italian Espresso, Fabulous

  7. driving on the freeway was amaaazing in portland. quite possibly one of my favorite moments of the trip.

  8. Lol - yeah Portlanders are pretty much coffee snobs. ;P

    I love the trees too! That's one of my favorite things about living in NW Oregon - all the green!! :) I do love how Portland makes sure to have green and trees everywhere -- did you know it has more parks per capita than any other city in the nation?


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