12 July, 2011


23rd Street (it's actually an avenue... but Levi said they only ever called it 23rd Street) was Levi's go-to hangout with his friends and his (barf) high school girlfriend. Naturally, while we were in Portland, we had to spend some time there.

We got drinks and something to eat at Papa Haydn. The food was mediocre (we had the steak frites), but the drinks were deeeeeeelicious. Levi had an IPA (of course), and I had a strawberry basil champagne cocktail. It had freshly muddled strawberry and basil in it! Yummmmm.




(see how he savors his IPA?)



'twas fun!


  1. hahah i love the barf comment about his old gf! so funny. that drink sounds really good!

  2. yes! barf totally sums up feelings of old girlfriends. you look so gorgeous in these photos. that color is great on you and i really want one of those strawberry basil champagnes!

  3. hhahahahah you're funny.

    also your pigtails are so cute and they make me so happy.

  4. The "(barf)" in this post made my day!!! That's exactly how I feel about my husband's former girlfriend;)

  5. basil muddled drinks are making my life SO GOOD! I had the best basil bloody mary the other day, my life will never be the same. :)

  6. It's all about the basil simple syrup-- improves life all around :)

    Also, I think there should be an island where all high school girlfriends are sent to live out their days in thoughtful isolation (isolation, that is, from YOUR man haha)

  7. I love a good champagne cocktail... basil and strawberry sound absolutely amazing together!

    What a refreshing summer drink!

  8. Papa Haydn is one of my favorite restaurants but I only like a few things on their menu. Their Chicken Club and Steak Frites are delightful! I hope you tried their desserts because that is what they are famous for. The Georgian Peanut Butter Mousse Torte is to die for. They also make a great mixed drink called a Sloe Gin Fizz. Sorry you didn't think it was that great. 23rd is such a fun area, I don't get there too often although I live in PDX.

  9. LOL at the (barf) comment. I feel ya. My boyfriend and I are going up to portland in a few weeks so I'm loving all these posts!


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