12 July, 2011

Healthy Living

I've been really focusing on my health for the last few months. I've had a hard time, health-wise, this year, so I want to do everything within my power to feel good. Right now, this includes:

1. limiting processed foods
2. drinking lots of water
3. taking probiotics and a multivitamin daily
4. green monsters
5. yoga

The green monsters have been AWESOME. I first heard about them from Camilla. They have been really easy to incorporate into my daily life because they taste really good, and they make me feel really good. I tried the blueberry-banana one first (we use vanilla coconut milk with ours; recipe here). Levi and I share one almost every single day. My favorite right now is to add coconut flakes and half of a peach to the basic recipe. Soooooooo delicious.


(us with our first ever green monsters about a month ago)

I've also been really good about taking my probiotics and multivitamin every day... even though my vitamin makes me gag. Blech.

I'm a pretty good water drinker, and I don't eat tons of processed food, but there's definitely room for improvement in those areas.

My latest triumph has been yoga. It was difficult for me to get going with it, but something finally clicked this week. And now I feel like I need it. I love waking up really early and starting my day with yoga. Last week, I was having a really bad day. I felt like a failure at life and like everything was getting away from my control. Levi suggested that I try spending a lot of the day practicing yoga... and I did. I still worked, of course, but I kept my mat out all day and went back to it several times. It helped me so much. My mood completely changed. My body felt so good. I felt more productive. I felt so proud of myself. And I slept SO well that night. If you're interested in doing some yoga from home, try looking up Tara Stiles on youtube. I really love her, and she teaches you how to incorporate yoga into any part of your life, anywhere, for anything. (Here's Tara's tumblr if you're interested.)

I still have a long way to go with all of these things. I haven't found "the cure" for what ails me yet, but I'm feeling better, and I'm really proud of myself.


  1. I've started being healthier recently, too, though my issues stem from my scoliosis. I started seeing a chiropractor who told me I needed to do yoga and strengthen my core. I feel better on days when I exercise. :-)

  2. Man, I really needed to read this today.

  3. They have free yoga at the Bluff on Saturday's and Sunday's at 11am! All you need to bring is a mat! I sometimes ride my bike over with my friend Marilyn. You should come sometime!

    (They also have it during the week too. The crowd is a bit smaller, which I like, but it's hard to make it with work. I have the schedule if you would like it!)

  4. glad you're feeling good. i LOVE yoga! also, a great reminder that i want to add some coconut flakes to my GM's!

  5. I LOVE green monsters! I have one every morning too (my blender is LOUD-- I'm sure my neighbors hate me).

    If you ever go on a break from your health kick, or need a cure for what ails you more than you feel the need to be healthy, you give a holler and I'll send you a batch of my Gram's guaranteed cure-all Coconut Oatmeal cookies-- STAT.

  6. Well done! You're such an inspiration :) And I think I shall have to try one of these green monsters now!

  7. Yoga has changed my life. Works better than any anti-anxiety drug I've ever taken!

  8. I must say...two years ago right about this time I started incorporating all of the things that you've listed...and now I feel like a new woman. Still making green monsters {and now even from greens I've grown myself} and doing yoga and staying away from processed foods. I can tell when I slip for a few weeks just how much more energized, alert, focused and content I am when I get back into a routine. The vitamins are hard for me too. I swear they make me nauseous. Sounds like you're doing great things!!

  9. What a great post. All the things I've wanted to get into you're doing. It's good to know someone is succeeding!

  10. I will have to try the green monster!

    I've been doing hot yoga for a few years now and I absolutely love it. I feel so strong, flexible and healthy! Plus, I think it's so wonderful to be able to shut off your thoughts for an hour or two and not worry about the rest of your day!

  11. Ah yes... I need to get back to doing yoga. I feel really good when I do it, but lately I've been feeling super lazy, so have been skipping my workouts. I have no excuse and totally need to get back at it!! Thank you for the reminder. ;)


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