13 July, 2011

The Ace Hotel

The Stumptown Coffee we visited most while in Portland was adjacent to the Ace Hotel (a.k.a. Hipster Paradise). Besides the WORLD'S LARGEST COFFEE TABLE, guess what the Ace Hotel's lobby features??




Did you guess?

An old black and white photo booth!!


So, obviously, we had to give it a go! One afternoon, when we were in need of a pick-me-up, we chose to go before and after style in the photo booth, as in before coffee and after coffee.



I'm pretty sure all the hipsters hanging out reading Nietzsche and sipping their single-origin brews thought we were totally bonkers, but that's okay! We had a blast! This was probably one of my favorite memories of the whole trip. I love that our poses look so planned in all of these. They totally weren't. We just went for it. I guess we're pretty in sync.

For a really hilarious spoof on the Ace Hotel, watch this video. Please. Do it. I love his creepy shifting around the 0:40 second mark.


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  1. Ha! You described the hipsters there, perfectly there!!

  2. I sat and had a coffee at that extra-large table! We took a break from our long walk around the city!

  3. I love your photo booth shots, both pre- and post-java!

    (PS: I can't get the video link to work boohoo :(

  4. Thanks for fixing the link--the video is hilarious! I've seen a few other Portlandia sketches and love them. The bearded guy in the band reminded me of the singer from The Shins/Broken Bells (James something?)... wonder if it was really him?

  5. heeeee! I love that skit! I can't wait for Portlandia to return.

  6. That is a SUPER COOL hotel lobby, i want to go! And you guys are the cutest. Love black and white photo booths!

  7. That is a SUPER COOL hotel lobby, i want to go! And you guys are the cutest. Love black and white photo booths!

  8. bonkers beats hipsters ANY day :)

  9. easily my favorite post (but then i say that almost every day when reading your blog -- it's true, i just need to be a better commenter)! cute, cute!

  10. Haha My guess was weed, not a photobooth. lol

  11. oh man the ace hotel in new york is exactly the same way. how funny! i LOVE those photos and this post.

  12. @Heather Lee - hahaha! most random guess ever. i love it!

  13. Ahh those are super cute photos! Don't worry, no one thought you were weird. Portlanders like weird. ;)


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