14 July, 2011

Anthro & Cacao!

I always make it a point to visit the local Anthropologie whenever I travel, near or far. It's not like I can't see the merchandise at my local store or on the website. I just really like to see the design of all the different stores. They have such an incredible visual team, and I love to see how creative they get.


While we were there, we picked out some knobs for a dresser we're refinishing (we're doing mismatched knobs). We could have gotten them at home, but now, whenever I look at them, I'll remember that they're from our trip to Portland. I was super disappointed to find out that there was another Anthropologie in the area, and I didn't get to go inside! How am I supposed to do my Anthro tour of America now?! We drove past it on our night of driving though, so maybe that counts.

During our two-night stay at the Heathman Hotel, we were in three different rooms. Our room from the first night wasn't available the second night, so we moved to a different room the next morning. Then the air conditioning didn't work in the second room, so we moved to a third room. It really wasn't a big deal, and we didn't mind at all, but the hotel gave us certificates for free chocolate drinks at Cacao anyway. Score! This particular store (there are two) is located inside the hotel lobby. Free is always fun, so we hightailed it over there and got two cups of drinking chocolate - the rich dark drinking chocolate and the special spicy drinking chocolate.


Oh yum. The rich dark one was exactly like it sounds... rich and dark. So decadent. The spicy hit you at the back of the throat. It was warm, rich, and had a really great kick to it. I don't remember everything in it, but I do know that it was made with dark chocolate, cayenne, ginger, and paprika... among other ingredients. If you've never had drinking chocolate (versus hot chocolate) before, and you're a chocolate lover, give it a go! You'll love it. We definitely didn't finish both cups though. It's just too rich.

We also had some pieces of chocolate while we were there. We actually popped into Cacao two or three times throughout our trip. Our favorite was the mint dark chocolate by Theo. I need to find where I can buy those locally because I can't stop thinking about them. It was dark chocolate ganache steeped in mint leaves and coated with dark chocolate. It tasted like actual, fresh mint. Mmmmm. Heaven.


(Don't forget to enter the haircut from Levi giveaway!)


  1. oo show us a picture of the mismatched knobs!

  2. I second what grace said..

    Also, chocolate in a cup? Oh heaven it's like Christmas. Ha! :)

  3. Theo, yummm....I'm lucky because I live just a few blocks away from the factory. If you ever get to Seattle you should do the tour-lots of free samples. Otherwise you can find it at Whole Foods : )


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