20 July, 2011

She was my idol.

When I was little, all I wanted was to be just like Shirley Temple. I wanted to watch The Little Princess every single day, and I wanted to wear my "Shirley Temple dress" to church every Sunday... not sure what made me think it was a Shirley Temple dress... probably because it was short. That was my look - short dresses, curly hair. Just like Shirley.

One of the patients who came into the doctor's office my mom worked at knew that I was a big fan, so she brought me a cassette tape full of Shirley Temple songs. I played that thing nonstop and learned all of the words. I would stand on top of a big counter we had in the living room and put on shows all by myself. I still know many of her songs. They randomly pop into my head sometimes. Tonight, I started singing Polly Wolly Doodle out of nowhere. I love that those songs are still buried in my brain. And I love that Shirley Temple was my idol.

She's pretty dang cute.


  1. Shirley Temple movies should be required viewing for every child in america!

  2. My Pappy used to call me "Little Curly Top." It's a good memory.

  3. I loved Shirley Temple! I have some of her movies on DVD and watch them when I am home sick. They always make me smile!

  4. The Little Princess was my favorite! Loved her too.

  5. I loved her :) In the movie Heidi I thought she said, "Have you seen my new shoes? They are made of duck wood" instead of "they are made OUT OF wood." It's a family line now, we say it all the time. Duck wood. :)

    But I watched a documentary on her once- I don't remember much but I do remember that she had a baby herself and all the studios sent her letters to get her daughter to act and she ripped them all up. You might want to look it up if you're a fan, they may have it at the library or something!

  6. love this so much.


  7. Yes!! I think I've seen just about every Shirley Temple movie there is. She was so adorable as a kid with her little ringlets and dimples. ;)


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