08 July, 2011

A Day Without a Plan

I'm taking a break from Portland posting before I forget about how we celebrated Independence Day! It ended up being a really great day so I want to remember it.

We walked a lot.

We made burgers at home.

We laid on a blanket in the park. I made a failed attempt at a self-portrait.


When I got bored, I decorated Levi's hat... while whistling?

photo 1

He hid his face in shame when I asked him to try it on and quickly removed all the flowers after this picture was taken.

photo 2

We took the bus to the movies and saw Midnight in Paris. It's the best movie I've seen this year. I liked it better than Tangled even! GO SEE IT NOW.

After coming out of the movies, we ran to the deserted harbor to watch fireworks from 7 different cities all around us.

We skipped the bus home and just walked, stopping to get champagne cocktails at a restaurant near our house.

We played with sparklers.



Pretty good for a day that had no plans!!


  1. ah i love this post. esp your self portrait. AND midnight in paris. i want to see it again right now.

  2. I love days that just unfold naturally! That first photo is just beautiful. And I keep hearing about how fantastic Midnight In Paris is. Must see soon!

  3. LOL - the picture of Levi wearing the hat is hilarious! We also saw Midnight in Paris! I totally agree, it's an awesome movie! And it's in Paris. Extra points just for that!

    Have a great weekend!

    xoxo, Ana
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  4. I actually love your self-portrait! So cute!


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