30 September, 2010

wedding planning: hair...again!

it's official.

i'm growing my hair out for the wedding.

it hasn't been cut in months.

can you tell?

haha! levi said i looked like andy warhol after he blew it out.

it's severely overgrown, and we're just gonna keep letting it grow between now and the wedding! he's not going to cut it again 'til my hair trial. i might go crazy.

we asked one of the other stylists at levi's salon to do my wedding hair! i'm so excited! he's so good with curl and styles for special events!! he curled a small section of my hair a couple nights ago. i was in love with it!! here's a tiny-mini preview:

it's going to be so pretty and romantic-looking, especially with my veil. i can't wait!

(btw, i wish i could wear a cathedral length veil with a blusher all day, every day.)


  1. I adore the "preview" photo of your curls. You look gorgeous.

  2. You are just gorgeous and that curly, pretty style is definitely perfect and romantic. So excited for you! :)

  3. you're gonna look smokin! the curls look great. and i love that you rock short hair.

    some day i'll have the guts!

  4. I think it'll be beautiful! If your hair ends up being at an awkward length, at least you know you look bomb ass with short hair, so you can just chop it off and do some curls with it that way! I love curls on short hair.

  5. You are going to be the most beautiful bride!! Your hair preview looks absolutely gorgeous. :) Can't wait to see how it all pans out!!

  6. I LOVE it! What are the sides like? You should wear your hair like this every day!

  7. Oh, you're going to make me WISH I had my short hair when I got married. So, so cute. I love short wedding hairstyles and long hairstyles/braid draped over the shoulder - updos, not so much. I had an updo and it was just disastrous!

  8. (to preface, this might be my third comment. my comp is goofing)

    BOTH of these photos are insanely beautiful Jasmine!! You look so pretty and happy - and the curls will be perfectly wistful and romantic. I'm so excited for you!! xoxox


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