29 September, 2010

world's tiniest closet

i just thought you should know that i have one of the world's tiniest closets.

i have exactly 24 inches to hang up all my clothes. you don't know how HARD it is to pull them out! the hangers are so cramped that i can hardly keep them from popping off the bar.

and i really don't even have that many clothes! if we owned this place, we would rip out the closet and replace it with something that made a little more sense.

or if we had a bunch of money to burn, we would buy a bunch of those fancy, space-saving hangers.

ahhh, if only i had invented facebook. then i would be a punk, genius billionaire with plenty of money for hangers...and closets...and lots and lots of clothes.


  1. You poor thing!! There's nothing worse for us girls than a little closet : (

    I just moved into a new place and everything was an upgrade... except the closet. My old apartment had a walk-in closet... and now my new closet is something very close to yours.

    so, i know how you feel.

  2. Be happy you atleast have a closet I don't have one, everyting is shoved in a dresser and my coats hang from hooks I hung on the wall!!! I would take that small closet!

  3. Small closets are tough...mine is pretty small as well and I actually posted yesterday about how to tame the crazy closet monster!

  4. yeah but zuckerberg is kind of lame.

    so is facebook.

    i'd take your small closet over that life anyday :)

  5. can you take stuff out of the closet that can easily be folded in a dresser instead? how about some container / drawer system below the hanging clothes? oooh i wish i could get in there + help you!

  6. wow! how do you put stuff back in it? When I moved in with my boyfriend... I went from a massive closet to a tiny shared one. I had to get rid of ALOT of clothes, but wow. You have us beat.

  7. jessica,
    we have a dresser too. we each get two drawers, and those are packed as well! our room is really really small, and everything is awkwardly positioned, so there's just no space for better storage solutions!

    underneath the clothes is where all my shoes go (levi's the one with a bazillion shoes, so his hang on the back of the door)...and next to that is my makeup station...and next to that is the laundry basket...and then we're on levi's side of the closet.

    it's just a really poorly planned space, but that's what happens when you live in an apartment that was built for WWII naval officers. maybe they only kept uniforms in there?? haha! :)

  8. shelley,
    half the time i don't put stuff back in it!! haha! stuff always ends up on the floor or on a chair by one of the windows...i like to blame the tiny closet on my messyslobbishness.

  9. you have such a wonderful blog. I'm so glad you're bringing awareness to mental illness.

    and your stylis-fiance and yourself are just adorable.

  10. It really IS tiny. I don't understand how it stays so organized. It's so incredibly cute though.

    +I really wish I was a punk, genius billionaire too:)

  11. Wouldn't that be fantastic though if you did win a bunch of money, and rather than say something classic like "I'm going to DisneyLand!" you'd say "I'm going to expand the width of my closet, it's awful!"


    *ahem* Sorry to hear about your closet though, that is terrible. I'm to lazy too hang up my clothes though.

  12. If you were a punk genius, you wouldn't live in a small apartment--you would live in a nice house with spacious closets!

  13. those space saving hangers are AWESOME, save up, they are soo worth it!

    hope your wedding planning is going along smoothly


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