17 September, 2010

makeover time

last weekend, we decided that our diet needed a makeover.

our stomachs have been hurting constantly lately due to all the stress of the wedding and life, in general. plus, i'm trying to lose weight for my wedding dress!


we gave up meals!

now we're just kind of snacking throughout the day and night - eating small amounts of food often. no more big meals.

it's working! our stomachs don't hurt all the time, and i think i might have lost some weight! woo!

things we're eating: eggs, chicken, bagels, yogurt covered raisins, acai smoothies, nuts, seeds, cheese, lots of apples, bananas, lots of granola, chocolate.

now we just need to work some vegetables in!
i'm loving the new diet. i feel better, more energetic. and i don't feel the need to stuff myself because i know i'll be eating again soon. we haven't given up any foods. i really don't believe in that. it's a recipe for disaster for me. we're just trying to make good choices and eat fattier stuff in smaller quantities.

i don't know how long we'll keep it up, but we like it for now.


  1. I'm a grazer, too! I started doing this in college when I was all over the place for classes, and it kind of just continued. I lost about 8 pounds (which was significant, considering I was thin to begin with) and it's stayed off for almost 4 years. Portion control really is the key!

  2. we've been eating healthier too! :) we still do meals, but i threw our grocery budget out the window and just said to heck with it - i'm going to buy healthy stuff no matter what it costs and we'll just deal with it!! i've just been feeling like what we put in our bodies isn't a luxury; it's a foundation, and there's no price you can put on your health. good for you guys - i'm cheering for you!!! :)

  3. They say that is a better way to feed yourself---eating every 2-4 hours during the day. Good luck! P.S. I think you look great now!

  4. good for you guys! i've never dieted a day in my life, but i'm a big believer in healthy eating!

    for my body.
    for my mental well-being.
    for our planet.
    for my wallet.

    for me, when i eat the best possible, i feel the best possible. also, when i spend more time shopping for local, organic food, like at my local farmers market, + when i spend more time preparing food from scratch - it also has benefits for my mental well-being... i find myself slowing down, being more present in the "now". i'm not hustling through life so quickly. scott + i made a big commitment to not buy packaged foods as much, ditch take-out + when our microwave died, we didn't replace it. it's amazing how much more i cooking + how much calmer i am, when i'm forced to slow down to prepare meals.

    a few tips (hope they're appreciated since you didn't ask):
    -after grocery shopping, clean + (if necessary (for say, celery) chop)), any fruits + veggies, so they're ready the rest of the week whenever you want a quick snack.
    -keep staples like garbanzo beans, black beans, rice + quinoa on hand for bases to many meals
    -also, i don't push being a vegetarian on anyone, but i found that after i gave up meat, i never felt bloated, even after the largest of meals. my stomach is flatter + feels 'tighter'. meat is harder for the body to digest, so i felt a lot less sluggish when i didn't eat it. you can get the same benefits simply by using it in 1 meal a day versus 3 or skipping it every other day.
    -use olive oil instead of canola / vegetable oil in all cooking. baking is a different story, i suppose.

    also, i know money is tight for you, as it has been for scott + i for two years now, but the amount we have to spend in doctor's visits, cold medicine, antibiotics, etc. have drastically dropped since eating better + now, not eating meat. it all averages out in the end. good luck!

    @gregandvanessa - LOVE that. i did the same awhile back. i challenged my entire frame of reference of what food should cost. if i can't afford to buy local, organic, healthy + from companies i trust, than maybe i can't afford cable tv at $80 a month or coffee out even once a week. priorities got shifted!

  5. try dried mangoes if you need a sugar-fix from the lack o' meals. I'm serious: those suckers get me through anything!

    thanks for commenting, we PASSED our cleaning check, thank god!

    i love your belt! did you make it? it's so adorable.

  6. this sounds like an excellent "diet" :)

    do you like edamame??

    i think thats a yummy snack


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