15 September, 2010

you know what's fun?

when your whole family piles into one car for a little excursion to LA, but there's more people than seatbelts, so you get to sit in the way back, with your fiancé's iPhone, a blanket, a donut, & a redbull.

and all your childhood fantasies come true.


  1. that looks pretty great. love your head scarf too.

  2. This reminds me of the old station wagons where you could sit in seats that faced the back. It was awesome.

  3. oh i love that. so comfy. so cool.

    i want to go on a road trip.

  4. I actually did that A LOT when I was a kid... even though there was still enough room for me to sit normally with a seat belt! I loved it so much!

  5. How adorable are you?! This looks like so much fun!

  6. so fun!! It IS a childhood dream come true!


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