23 September, 2010

wedding planning: the beautification process

hair and makeup!!

i am totally at a loss for what to do in the hair department.

what do i do with my hair???

it's really long (for me) right now, so do i continue growing it? but do i really want to be in an awkward growing out phase from now until then? and what if i don't like it? then, i have to cut my hair right before the wedding??

and the biggest question of all:

who's going to do my hair??? levi has made it clear that this won't be happening on our wedding day:

i also have to find someone to do my makeup...i know who i want - a girl i went to esthetician school with. i've never liked my makeup better than when she did it.

i know i will absolutely not be doing my own hair and makeup on my wedding day. i would be way too nervous. i have SOOOO much admiration for brides who do their own wedding hair and/or makeup.

what about you? did you do your own hair? your own makeup? did you go somewhere to have it done? did they come to you? or if you're not married, what's your plan?


  1. I went to a hairdresser about a month before the wedding, and had her test out a couple different looks and take pictures of them for the big day. (That way she knew what I really wanted). I had a good friend do my makeup (who I also did a couple of test runs with!). Hope that helps...but don't worry, either way you'll look great! :)

  2. i got married 2 weeks ago! it was so much fun and your gonna have the best day of your life. my bff and bridesmaid bought some good makeup and made me all up! i did my own mascara, and got a facial a week before so my face was glowing :)
    a friend of mines wife is a hair dresser so i have her come over that morning and style me and my maids hair. i sent her pictures of what i wanted before hang but she did an even better job! i was so pleased and it was so easy, she also was happy to be able to play a part in our big day! good luck, you'll be beautiful no matter what!

  3. i went to my hair dresser for a couple of trial runs before the wedding and i had my mary kay lady/friend do my makeup.

    google or look at short hair pics on theknot... i've seen brides totally rock their short hair. obviously my hair is super short now (shorter than yours!) but when i got married it was to the middle of my back. i want to get pics taken in my wedding dress so i can pretend to be a short hair bride... hahaha ;]


  4. did all myself!
    we had a pretty big wedding, so we did all the flowers and decorating ourselves as well to save some money! we got on site early and arranged everything, including my bouquet, then i went to our room to get dressed, do my makeup and hair
    everything turned out fine!

    it can definitely be done! and i have pictures to prove it!

  5. I'm not married yet, but I think I would definitely have someone else doing my hair... my close friend, who does my hair already. I've seen her wedding capabilities and she's definitely got the job when I'm gettin hitched.

    As for makeup, I'm actually a certified makeup artist, so to save some $$ I'd probably do it myself.

  6. I will be doing my hair but I am getting my makeup done at MAC.

  7. I'm not married but when that does happen I would definitely have someone else do my hair and makeup. I suck at doing hair..i can't even use a curling iron..true story. I'm not horrible at doing makeup but i think the day is about feeling special and looking special.

    About your hair length... I say grow it out and play with it. About a month before the wedding if it's not feeling right get it cut. You look cute with short and sassy hair anyways.

  8. I did do my own hair and make-up, and surprisingly I was uber-calm on my wedding morning. I had my mom wake me up and hang out with me as i curled away and pinned and blushed and mascara'd. I had to leave my house at 9:30 to make it to our ceremony so I woke up at 5:30...I didn't want to take any chances with not being ready on time (and it was a good thing too because my flowers wilted over night and we had to whip out a new boquet the morning of!)
    The reason I did my own hair and make up is because I wanted to look like me, not what someone thought I should look like, and I think it worked out nicely.
    Also my hair is super curly and cray-zay so I didn't want to end up with a fro.

  9. I did my own hair. I practiced before, of course. I'm really confident with fixing my hair, and I've always done it myself for big events, so it was an easy decision for me. I got a lot of push back, but I just knew that I'd be a bundle of nerves and having someone else (who I barely knew) blow-dry and yank on my hair would NOT be pretty or calming.

    I let a really close friend do my make-up. All my bridesmaids were hanging out in my hotel room while she was putting it on and I was eating a happy meal and drinking champagne. It was totally fun and relaxing and silly and frivilous.

  10. i did not do my own hair, but i absolutely did my own makeup. i wanted to look like me as much as possible. and letting someone else do my makeup with different styles and a heavier hand just wouldn't work for me. i was not about to trust myself with my own hair though. i needed more experienced hands on that one.

    good luck!!

  11. I definitely went to my regular stylist for my pre hair color and wedding day style. We did a test run on the style for my bridal pictures before the wedding to make sure it's what I would want for the wedding. That's a good idea to do.

    I did my own makeup. BUT I went to MAC and got help picking out all new makeup for the day- neutral matte colors and such. I don't ever like my makeup when someone does all of it but can get away with someone doing just the eyes.

    Good luck! I'm sure you will look absolutely stunning :)

  12. I actually did my own makeup and my mom and my sister did my hair. I had looked into paying for someone else to do it, but I didn't want to spend that kind of cash, so instead, I went and bought nice quality makeup at MAC and had someone give me some pointers.

  13. I did my own make-up simply because it never occurred to me to have it done by someone who knew what they were doing. But I did have a stylist do my hair. That was a very good idea, and didn't cost too much.

  14. i had a hairdresser do my hair at a hair salon. and, i hated it. it was NOTING like i had asked for. and it didn't fit my face at all. they also did my make up - but it looked absolutely horrid. when i got to the wedding location, i had to wash my face and do it all over again myself. i'm going to have a vow renewal at like 5 years, and it's going to be everything my wedding wasn't. we were on a tight, tight budget, and the only thing that looked the way i had always dreamed was my colors. haha.

  15. I hope my sister will do my hair and makeup. She is so good at doing both. She finished esthetician school a couple of years ago and is now in cosmetology school. She knows my face so well (probably because she has been looking at it for her entire life lol) that no one can even compare when it comes to doing my makeup. She'll also be my maid of honor, so I hope she is comfortable doing both. :)

  16. I would love to see you with long wavy hair but I also love your super short hair. Maybe you should just trim it for your wedding then try growing it out after. I'm thinking I might let my hair grow out as well.

  17. My sister recently got married and she went about two weeks before to the hairdresser and tried out different styles (she ended up adjusting the day of the wedding) and then all of us gals in the wedding party went with her the day of and kept her company as she got her hair and makeup done.

    As for me, I think I'm going to have someone do my hair, but I'm going to do my makeup...just a little simple something. :)

  18. i did my own make up because i hated how everyone else did it. yuck!

    but there was no way i could do my own hair. a cute girl at a local salon did mine for bridals and wedding day and she did a wonderful job!

  19. You could totally do something awesome like short finger waves!


    Definitely test out your hair 2 weeks before to see if you like it. Yelp some local salons...a lot of times they'll have a combo hair/makeup session that knocks down the price a little.

  20. I'm not married but I would DEFINITELY want someone to do my hair & makeup for me. I also would want them to come to me, just because I would be such a wreck that I would sweat my makeup off while running around after getting it done. The only downside to having someone else do it is if you dont like your hair or makeup...you'll blame them & might freak out. HAHA

  21. I am not married yet but I am going to be in Nepal on the big day. I am really worried because i have to wear a saari and the only women around to do my hair will be the older Nepali relatives of my fiance.

    I have a feeling it is going to be a day where i look at the photos and think how the hell was i allowed out of the house looking like this


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