13 September, 2010


soooo our friends took us to las vegas a couplefew weeks ago, and i am jusssst now getting around to posting about it.

you might say i've been a little bit overwhelmed & busy lately. :)

anyway, we had the best time on our trip! it was me, levi, and 6 other guys! ha! i was the only girl!

we stayed in a really gorgeous suite at a resort-style hilton at the end of the strip. our room had a big jacuzzi jet tub and a really cool shower with all kinds of jets. one of our hosts, will, even got me mr. bubble to use in my big old bath tub! you know i did. i may have even taken a snack in there...

we spent our days out by the pool and our nights eating super yummy, delicious food (the tasting menu at the red square was DELICIOUS).

it was so fun & relaxing, such a nice, welcome break from reality.

we saw the most brilliant skies on the drive out. there was even an insane lightning storm in the distance for hours. it was gorgeous.

when everyone arrived to the hotel (one couple drove separately and another flew), we all toasted with some dom perignon. fancy!

pool time!

my favorite part of the trip was visiting the wynn hotel. oh so gorgeous! we sat out by the "lake of dreams" for a couple hours sipping coffee and chatting. and i even tried my first martini ever out there - a dirty martini! salty!

spot the jasmine!

the only thing i regret is that we didn't get one big group picture...so i have to settle for two photos that include the whole crew.

(tim, will, and adam)

(levi, jasmine, drew, troy, and jason)

it was such a fun trip. i miss my vegas boys!


  1. Nice pictures! Its always nice to get away for a weekend....

  2. fabulous.

    dom? wow. thats yummy.
    looks like such a blast.
    i've got to get my booty to vegas one of these days.

  3. your trip looks like it was wonderful! the photos of you with the tree are precious :)

  4. Lordy, you are so cute!!! I think I already sent you a message about your sunglasses on twitter, but I thought I would tell you again how unbelievably cute you look in them:)

  5. what an amazing trip! the photo of the sky is absolutely beautiful!

  6. what an amazing trip! the photo of the sky is absolutely beautiful!

  7. You have to come to HITCHED! It's in LA at the Smog Shoppe and you'll get tons of crazy ideas that are totally doable! I have a pile of mags to mail you btw....I swear I will get them to you one of these days!

  8. looks like you had so much fun!

  9. Hi Jasmine...

    I'm back from a LONG vacation and back to reading blogs again! I just LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE all of these pics and the cloud one is INCREDIBLE! I just LOVE clouds... wow!

    I'm soo excited for you and Levy.. Whooo hoooo!!
    Honeymoon in Paris?? Let me know if you come here and I'd LOVE to meet up for coffee!
    You guys are just sooo cute! I'm really happy for you two!

    Leesa in France


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