15 September, 2010

how do i love thee, j.crew?

i think you all know how much i love j.crew already.

if not, I LOVE J.CREW!!

probably half of my wardrobe is from that fabulous place.

and now i have more reason to love them besides their amazing clothes/shoes and gorgeous styling.

i bought some boots from j.crew about 3, maybe even 4, years ago. they were not cheap.

i probably wore them 4 times.

the boots in question can be seen here:

(these are the only photos i have that showcase my boots. i think they're hilarious - me getting spun and flung around by some random, crazy, french guy. do you know how hard that was in those damn boots??)

as you can see the boots are rather high. also, i bought them a size too big, so i had trouble keeping them on my feet. not comfortable at all. they've been in hiding for awhile. levi claims he has never seen me wear them (however, i am quite certain that i wore them exactly once during our courtship phase).

so i pulled them out of the closet the other day to see if i can get some use out of them this fall. and what did i find?? the boots, that had only been worn maybe 4 times ever, were broken! the entire sole on the inside was almost completely unattached. totally unwearable.

as it turns out, i still had the box (with the tag and barcode) that they had come in. i took them into j.crew this weekend feeling like the little old lady who brought back old tires to nordstrom (fellow former retail workers will know exactly what i'm talking about), totally embarrassed.

but guess what?

they totally returned them for me!!!!

how's that for excellent customer service?!?! i love companies like this.

and now i have a lovely little gift card to j.crew that i'm saving for something special! yippee!!!


  1. oh my goodness that's wonderful! these days i seem to have lost all faith in big companies in terms of customer service, so this is a good story to hear!

  2. WOW that's awesome! J Crew got so expensive. I used to work there back in the day. haha

  3. kris, you don't know how many times i've dreamed of getting a job there (where they'll let me work like 3 hours a month) JUST for the discount. yeah, in my dreams.

    and you're right - verrrrry expensive. that's why i'm so excited for my free money! 'cause we tooootally can't afford shopping right now.

  4. celeste - yes!! i've felt pretty jaded by big companies too, so this was wonderful! and it just encourages me to love them more! ha! it's always in the company's best interest to treat their customers very well. when will they all learn??

  5. Oh, how I love J.Crew! If only they weren't so expensive! But stores with great customer service are so nice. :)

  6. I worked at JCPenney's through highschool and once had a woman return a pair of pants, tags attached and accompanied by a receipt dated 1986!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. I was so impressed I returned them for her with no hassle.

  7. that is SOOO awesome! :)

    lucky lucky lucky you!

    i <3 jcrew as well

    i know exactly what you mean about the lil old lady returning stuff she's had for YEARS! hehe

  8. they took such good care of me a couple of months ago when UPS mixed up my shipping . . . it wasn't even their fault and they totally went out of their way for me. love them!

  9. WOWWW. that's amazing... and this is coming from someone who considers herself a return-QUEEN.


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