28 September, 2010


ugh. it's been SO HOT.

i thought we had escaped the nasty late summer heat this year! instead, it was 109 in long beach yesterday.

fingers crossed it doesn't last.

'cause if it does, i might have to start running around half naked like my five year old self.

(ohhhh, look at that attitude. i remember i was terrified of sliding down those rocks below, and my parents kept trying to make me...so that's the reaction they got. yikes. i swear i wasn't a brat. all the time.)


  1. I love these pictures- they're so summery and fun!

    I thought I was sad to see summer leave us here in New England, but then all my friends in California started complaining about the heat, and now I'm all about embracing fall.

  2. you are so cute in you half-dressed state. love the water one!

  3. It was very hot!! I also thought it was long gone.

  4. ohmygosh winter practically moved in here yesterday! it was barely 50 degrees. brrrrr... i had to break out my north face fleece!!

  5. for realz. someone tell the west coast its time to move on. so sticky...

  6. oh my word. you look the SAME, but just grown up. weird. you were & still are so BEAUTIFUL! this heat wave really does need to stop. makes me cranky. fall? are you comin'? pretty please?

  7. so hot...so so so hot...ugh!


  8. I agree this heat is ridiculous! Autumn in Cali is often to short.

  9. oh my gosh!! you are so adorable. i love the attitude. :)

  10. aww. these are adorable+it looks so fun

  11. oooh so cute!! I was impish like that too if my parents pushed me too hard. (but later I was glad they did because it made me much less afraid of trying scary new things)


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