14 September, 2010

at the plaza

i have kind of a thing for the eloise books by kay thompson (illustrated by hilary knight).

i love that little eloise.

i've been collecting the books over the last few years so that i'll have them all for my little girl(s). i have every book except for eloise in moscow. i've got time to pick it up. and i fully intend to do an eloise at the plaza inspired girl's bedroom one day.

and maaaaaybe if we're really rich or really really lucky, i can take my daughter(s) on a girls weekend to stay in the amazing eloise suite at the plaza in new york city. maaaaaaybe.

anyway, have you seen any of the eloise movies?

hahaha! that first little girl is me. i might have had a bit of that precocious eloise spirit when i was a little girl...

definitely not now though.

no, certainly not.

what children's books are you most excited to share with your future little ones? or if you already have kiddos, what were you looking forward to reading them before you had them?


  1. what a fun question! i'm looking forward to reading The Velveteen Rabbit, The Giving Tree, and Corduroy.

    P.S. you were such an adorable kiddo!

  2. I am ALL about Eloise. Interestingly, we didn't read Eloise when I was little, and I bet I wouldn't have liked it- I only liked books with full-color illustrations, and naughty children stressed me out (I was a very boring and worried child.) NOW, though, Eloise is my favorite, and I can't wait to read all the books to my future children.

  3. oh i used to read eloise books over and over and over when i was little and imagine i was her.

    gosh i love those books!

  4. awww that pic of you is so adorable :)

    hmm i look foward to reading berensteins bears books & alot of other "golden books".

    my childhood fave was "there's a monster at the end of this book!"

    thanks for bringing up such happy memories :)

  5. Where the Wild Things Are!

    And East of the Sun, West of the Moon. That was a childhood favorite of mine.

  6. you were such an adorable little girl!!!!

  7. corduroy for sure! I have all the Harry Potter books as well, will definitely be sharing. But most of all the two classic Winnie-The Pooh tales by A.A Milne.

  8. Jasmine!!!! You look like Eloise! You were (and still are) so beautiful!

    My favorite kids books are the Olivia books, of course :)

    p.s. we got your save the date in the mail, and it made us SO happy!! xoxoxo

  9. The Rainbow Goblins was always my favorite when read by my brother, Micheal.

  10. I love love loved all the little critter books by Mercer Myers. Seen here:


    They were my favorites!

  11. i LOVED those when i was little too, poppy! :)

  12. EMILY'S HOUSE....
    my absolute favorite.
    It's about a little girl who lives in a big old house with a creak and a squeak.....tries to find somewhere quieter, then realizes what she started with was the best place to be.
    I LOVE IT!!!!
    Happy reading....always:)

  13. -pokey little puppy
    -love you forever
    -amelia bedelia
    -dr seuss books
    -we love the dirt (a little different but we love it)
    -all the places to love
    -thunder cake
    -are you my mother?
    -if you give a mouse a cookie
    -The Very Hungry Caterpillar
    -Goodnight Moon
    -Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?
    -Guess How Much I Love You
    -Jonathon Jasper Jeremy Jones
    (thinking pre-school)
    ....things with beautiful pictures...


  14. Jamsine!
    I was just thinking of you when I posted today's post.....and remembered YOUR post on favorite books:)) I had to share all our fave books.
    Thanks for the inspiration:))
    And.....for above posts- you laying in the back of the care chillaxin'......i used to do that in my parents big ol avocado green station wagon. BUT- I think it was more because I was super embarrassed to be seen in it;)
    Happy day to you,


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