07 September, 2010

wedding planning: dream details

i have always loved photo booths, especially at weddings.

i mean, who doesn't??

they're so much fun! they're like an activity and a little gift all in one.

levi & i went to a wedding this summer and took these:

and then, we went to a birthday party and took these:

and that leads me to my dream detail for our wedding...also know as, "yeah right. in my dreams."

i would love love love to hire this guy for our wedding (some photos on his website are MUCH more risqué than others - you've been warned. i recommend gallery number six.).

he sets up a photo opportunity at any type of event, complete with props and insanely amazing professional lighting (our photos were taken outside at night.). then, your guests take turns having their picture taken throughout the event. john, the photographer, is great. he gives each and every person direction, and he makes you feel comfortable.

and it is SOOOOOO much fun. it's not just having your picture taken. it's entertainment.

ahhhhh, i would looooove to have him at our wedding for our guests.


  1. oh i love that concept! maybe if enough of your readers petition him, he'll do it!

  2. dude, i would love to have that like all the time! people could just come over to my house and get cool pictures taken!

  3. I have been to a few weddings with a photobooth and loved it. I immediately wanted one too. But That Guy would be even better. Hope you find a way to get your dreams... somehow someway.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  4. I hope you get to hire that photographer that you really want, I have to agree, it would be tons of fun and definitely memorable.

  5. that would be so awesome, i hope you get to hire him!

    also, seeing photos of you and levi makes me sooo happy. you guys are just the sweetest.

  6. What a great idea! Those photos are lovely too, I love the ones on the day bed, the lighting's beautiful. I hope it catches on in England!

  7. Wow, I've heard of photo booths before, but never of hiring a professional photographer with props, etc! That is such an amazing idea, and would be SO much fun for guests.

  8. Oh, I love that idea, too! I have a friend who is a professional photographer and probably much less expensive than other options. He's really good - let me know if you need a name.

    I ADORE those photos of you and Levi outside. So great! Xoxo

  9. i love these photos!
    & i'd definitely go with a photobooth.
    so so cute.


  10. you guys are so cute, and those photos are AWESOME!

  11. you guys are adorable! those bed pictures are awesome. so fun :)

  12. i hope everything works out and you get to hire him! it would be great to have a great photographer at your wedding for photos like this- i went to his site and i love his work. so excited for your wedding!

  13. You two are SO cute! I just know your wedding will be phenomenal no matter what.

    Oh and LOVE your hair...it makes me wish my pixie cut had more texture : )

    xx Katie

  14. i just stumbled upon your sweet little blog and couldn't help but hit the follow button! look forward to following your adventures in the months to come! xo

  15. you and levi look so in love in these photos, it makes me smile!

    crossing my fingers an amazing photo booth photographer comes your way!

  16. you and levi look so in love in these photos, it makes me smile!

    crossing my fingers an amazing photo booth photographer comes your way!


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