01 October, 2010

getting dressed: week one

i'm going to try something new, starting today!

i am by nooooo means a fashion blogger, but i do like my clothes a whole lot...even if i don't have that many.

the problem is, i fall into ruts...constantly. i work from home and dance three days a week, so sometimes i don't really have a reason to get dressed. also, i sort of dress like a cartoon character - as in, i wear the same outfit for days at a time, and people probably wonder if i own anything else. (btw, did you ever see the episode of doug where he picks an outfit from his closet and it's full of the exact same outfit?)

so in an attempt to utilize more of my wardrobe and get (properly) dressed more often, i'm going to do outfit posts once a week.

first up!

(my outfit posts will probably be full of silly poses. they're more fun that way.)

shirt: ric rac from anthro
skirt: bdg from urban
bow: h&m
sunglasses: a.j. morgan
gold flats: aldo

p.s. happy october! i just put a pumpkin on our front steps yesterday!


  1. I love that shirt! I was just talking to someone the other day about that Doug episode, I love that the acknowledged he wore the same thing every day, when most cartoons do the same thing but never make a joke out of it! lol

  2. cuteeeeee! what do you do for work at home?

  3. you should check out clothedmuch.blogspot.com

  4. hi chelsey! i'm a ghostwriter. i write articles for a company who sells them without my name attached.

  5. hahah OF COURSE I've seen that episode of Doug! I think Judy had a similar closet... love your outfit :)

  6. you're soooo cute! and I love those gold flats, definitely something I would wear.

  7. i LOVE that anthro top! you always have the cutest outfits.

    p.s. i am so happy it's october! bring on the pumpkins!

  8. Great shirt!

    I have the same problem, somedays it is 3pm and i suddenly think wow i didn't even get dressed today.

  9. You're a cutie Jasmine! Im lovin all your wedding preparations and your life in general!
    You're looking fabulous and healthy

  10. I love your outfit, especially the shirt and shoes!!

  11. whenever i catch glimpses of your outfits in the photos you post, you're always dressed adorably, so i'm really excited for this new feature! hooray!

  12. You are SO adorable!!! And I LOVE that you mentioned Doug... that show was my favorite - haha!!


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