28 October, 2010

on the fridge...again

i seem to have done this before...i just really like everything on my fridge i guess!

levi was recently digging through the pocket of a jacket he never wears, and he found these two items:

they're from a wedding we went to two & a half years ago.
(he also found some altoids in his pocket, fyi.)
my copy of the photobooth photo has been in a frame for a very long time, so it doesn't matter how crinkled his is.

but the best part is the unfinished guest book entry that levi started,

"jessica & jesse, i am so happy"

hahaha! it cracks me up every time i see it.

and it's true. we really ARE so happy.


  1. those are the best booth photos i've ever seen. way to go guys! very sweet :]

  2. That's adorable. We keep fortune cookie wrappers and we always giggle when we get them and they are pertinent to the situation. Now when we go through them there is always a fun story attached to them.

    Adorable :)

  3. love it! And love the beer cap magnet! lol


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