15 October, 2010

happy fall weekend!

photos from the week:

his & hers

bed head - some mornings it really makes me laugh.

spider web

gnome home

we're throwing a little party this weekend for my family (levi keeps laughing at me for calling it a party since it's just going to be my family...who we always hang out with, but i think it makes it more special & fun to call it a party). it's going to be a fall celebration with a hearty meal, something pumpkin-y or apple-y for dessert, fall decor, and some kind of craftiness (or maybe just a walk - we'll see). i'm excited!

i will also spend a good portion of the weekend tearing apart my closet and trying everything on to find an outfit for my bridal shower next weekend!!

do you have anything exciting planned? even if you don't, i think you'll still have an exciting weekend. there's something in the air...


  1. that sounds like a perfect weekend! and i love the photos.. southern california evokes SUCH a certain vibe in photos. which reminds me, i'm coming to malibu next weekend to meet the boys at the end of their trip!

  2. bahaha this reminds me of the part in easy a where she says "i'm starting to think i have a gnome down there"

  3. party time! we're going to the corn maze on sunday!!!
    bridal shower time already!

  4. Have a great time with your family this weekend! Love the pictures, they're all so bright and pretty.

  5. happy weekend lady! have fun at your party, i agree it definitely makes it more fun if you call it that. and i've never seen a cuter bed head do;)

  6. Have a fantastic weekend! The only thing exciting i am doing today is getting my hair done.
    And i love your bed head :)

  7. ooo, i love your hair curly, don't even mind the bed head! i've got some massive bed head going on right now actually.
    and there is a spider just like that crazy one right by our stairs! (i speed-race up the stairs EVERY night.)

  8. sounds like a party to me! Enjoy! We're having a "party" at my house tomorrow also, in honor of my birthday! I say party when my husband laughs at me too saying it's just friends we always hang out with... but dang it I say it's a PARTY! :-)

  9. I have a feeling everything would feel like a party with you there. You are so fun! Hoping your weekend is full of good things. We are off to Winston Salem tomorrow to a little cafe called, Breakfast Of Course. Yummy food and art...a great combo. xo

  10. I'm starting my new job this weekend. Kind of exciting and scary all at once.

    Have a great time with your family this weekend!!

  11. okay.... your "bed head" is gorgeous! only in my dreams would my hair turn out like this!!!

  12. as if thats your bed hair? flipping fabulous!

    New camera? The pics look very nice.

  13. haha!! levi thinks it's so funny that everyone likes my bed head so much. i think we mostly see the matted spots and gaps. i think it's funny that this is what i wake up with some mornings. it looks SO much bigger & curlier & dirtier (it's way blonder when it's clean) in person to me. it reminds me of when i was a toddler. i swear it's the same! :)

    and yes, kelsie lynn! it is a new camera! ...but it's not mine. we borrowed my sister's camera for some pictures we needed to take and haven't returned it yet. don't tell her, but i don't really want to return it. :)

  14. you have the most gorgeous bed head i've ever seen!! pretty pretty.

    enjoy your partaaayy ;)

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  16. i wish i had YOUR bed head!!! so beautiful.

  17. that spideweb picture is really cool, but really gives me the heebie jeebies!

    love your blog!


  18. Fun!
    Hope you had a wonderful time:)
    (And by the way....your bedhead does NOT look like bed-head. It's perfect!!!!! Jealous!)


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