21 October, 2010

something old...

i now have my something old, something new, and something borrowed! as soon as i get a something blue, i'll be all set. i'm thinking shoes...or perhaps, underoos!

my mom bought me this gorgeous necklace as my something new.

i love it. it's so delicate and sweet. it will be perfect.

my something old is also my something borrowed. it's the prettiest little gold watch. my grandma got it as a gift from her parents when she graduated high school. she gave it to my mom, and my mom is loaning it to me for my wedding day. i'll post pictures of it after the big day!

if you happen to run into my grandma, please don't tell her! it's going to be a surprise for her at the wedding. she's going to love it.

did you do the whole something old, something new thing at your wedding? or do you plan to? what did you use? isn't tradition fun?


  1. I loovvvee that necklace. The shapes are so sweet and I dont know why but they are reminiscent of flowers to me for some reason, abstracted of course.

    Well Ive never been married but its sort of a thing for the women in our family to do blue undies on their wedding. Silly. I think the last girl had something cute that said "i do" really tiny on the hip. Silly girls.

  2. i didn't do it! i said my something new was the dress + said "fuck it" to the rest. i'm not one for tradition! ;)

    although i did have a vintage cameo broach on my bouquet in honor of my grandma. that was "old." and i did have a new dress for "new"... hmmm..

  3. What a fun necklace! Very unusual, but in a good way.

    My new was my dress, borrowed was a pair of my mom's earrings and an aunt's bracelet, and the blue was a button pin that I stuck onto the bouquet handle. The pin was the very first thing I ever bought my now-husband.

  4. My garter was all 4! Except it kept falling below my knee so I only wore it for like, half an hour. Didn't even wear it through the ceremony! But, it rained [and snowed!] on my wedding day and I heard for tonnssss of people that rain's good luck, so I think we'll be fine! ;)

  5. Can't wait to see the watch your grandmother received when she graduated. That must be so special for you to be able to wear it.

  6. I love this tradition!
    I used
    something old: I used 5 generations of family wedding heirlooms in my wedding attire {see here: http://elisethephotographer.blogspot.com/2010/07/whitethorley-wedding-salt-lake-city.html }

    something new: my dress of course!

    something borrowed: my mothers necklace

    something blue: can i count the blue sky?!

    can't wait to see it all come together!!

  7. Come December...

    something blue: my shoes
    something old: my dress
    something new: my hair flower
    something borrowed: still in the works :)

    I think it's such a fun tradition!

  8. Beautiful. Simple and a little funky and a little shiny. I love it.

  9. That's such a fun tradition. I love the necklace, and can't wait to see the watch!

  10. amazing ;)

    if you want follow me <3

  11. what a pretty necklace!

    and that's a really sweet idea. i'll have to stalk my grandma and ask her if she has any watches or jewelry for me when i get married :)


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