20 October, 2010

our little party

our little dinner party on saturday night was a smashing success! we had my family over for something we dubbed the "welcome, fall" party (aka a reason to clean the house and put up autumn decorations - i'm thinking about having welcome parties every season, if only to get the house clean).

i made beef stew, featuring lots of potatoes and carrots (we all favor the vegetables), in the crock pot. since i doubled the recipe, the crock pot was stuffed to the brim, and it wasn't ready when it was supposed be...oops! we were all starving, so we walked down to 2nd street for pre-dinner coffee & cupcakes. it turned out to be really fun, and i was proud of myself for not getting too bummed out on things not going exactly according to plan (it's good practice for the wedding!!).

for dessert, i served individual orange spiced pumpkin pies in mini graham cracker crusts. they were quite tasty and very cute.

here is a peek at our home and the fall decorations i put around the house:

pumpkins & candles on the steps leading up to our front door.

i put apples in a large glass vase to decorate the table. our dining room table is an expandable two-seater. we moved it into the living room to fit everyone and used the couch for seating.

this is where the table usually goes.

the photograph on the left is over a hundred years old. it's of an aunt and uncle on their wedding day in 1907.

i just put that little tiny elephant greeting card in a frame. i think she's so cute! you'll probably notice that i have a thing for elephants.

my pretty little persephone has found her home.


my momma...we didn't really take pictures of humans that night. i swear we had people over! :)

the only picture of me!


  1. your home is so cute, and so ready for fall!

  2. looks so fun! i always need an incentive to clean too.. this is a perfect idea.

  3. you have a lot of cute halloween decorations. i especially love the ghosts!

  4. So cute! We are apartment shopping for when we get married...and i can't wait to have a more permanent spot to live.

  5. i'd like to come over for a dinner party please. HOW CUTE!

    PS. your mom is gorgeous!

  6. Your dinner party looks absolutely adorable! Love the fall decorations...especially the apples in the clear vase. Great work! :)

  7. How adorable are you guys? Love this!

  8. I love your house! I want to do something like this for my family. Sounds like a really great night.

  9. Ah! You're so cute darling, and I'm super jealous. I want one of those mini pumpkin/graham crust pies. They look delishhhhhh.

  10. The house and the pie both look awesome!

  11. You look just like your mom! And I love the decorations, and the little pies. Too cute!

  12. How sweet! I love all of the autumn decorations- your home is so homey!

  13. I love your plates... seriously LOVE them. Are they thrifted or from somewhere?

  14. you+your outfit+your decorations= all so darling! i'd love to get that pie recipe...

  15. I love the front steps. And that orange lantern by that little painting. Where is that orange lantern from?

  16. Great decorations! (and the pie looks delish!!!)



  17. your home looks fantastic! Love all the colors!

  18. just found your blog and your dinner party looks like it was a smashing success - love the look of your place!

  19. thanks, guys!

    @camille - there isn't really a recipe for the pie. i usually just do pumpkin pie mix & throw my own stuff into the mix. i always add a tiny bit of nutmeg & vanilla, a little more cinnamon (levi LOVES cinnamon), & some orange zest - you can use fresh or dried. i like dried because the flavor is more concentrated. for the crust, i just use pre-made graham cracker crust. SUPER easy. some day, i'll try it "from scratch," but this is good for now. :)

    @maddy - those plates are the most beautiful plates i've ever seen. you should see how paranoid i get when people actually eat off of them. they were my christmas presents from my mom, brother, & sister. they're from anthropologie last year.

    @angelarenai - we got the orange lantern at a little boutique at fashion island in newport beach. i can't remember what it was called. i think it was only $13...which is super cheap at fashion island! :)

  20. Your home is so ambient and looks so welcoming.

  21. 1. I love the color of that wall!!!

    2. Your mom is so chic & gorgeous!

    3. You look adorable in your party hostess outfit.

    I'm glad you had fun :-)


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