29 October, 2010

a sneak peek

i was hoping to share some of my bridal shower with you guys today, but, alas, work is getting the better of me.

i will share the bridal shower invitations my sister sent out though! you all know how much i love coffee, so it was only fitting that my bridal shower had a coffee shop theme.

the front:

the back:

i love them!

it's funny; she actually put the wrong address on the back of the invitations and had to send out a follow-up notice with the correct address. nobody shared this with me until a couple days before the shower. haha! smart girls! they know me well.


  1. OMG, you just do everything so right! These are lovely and make me really happy!

  2. loving the details, jasmine! i would do almost everything the exact same, really. which tells me how good of pals we are.

    getting excited with you. . .

  3. oh how cute! I love the idea of a postcard rather than a card.

  4. Love your bridal show invitation and can't wait to see the pictures! Enjoy your weekend and Happy Halloween!!!

    Liesl :)

  5. These are SO amazing- your sister did a great job!

  6. What a cute idea for invitations!

  7. love these! postcard invitations are so perfect.

  8. OMG! LOVE your postcard! If I were still living in So. Cal-- I would make the cupcakes for your shower! Looks like you all will have a GREAT time! ENJOY pretty lady!!!


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