31 October, 2010

happy halloween!

these pictures aren't actually from halloween. they were from an 80s cover band show we went to 2-3 years ago (we were the only ones dressed up. haha!). but it's the closest we've come to dressing in costumes together!

we dream of, some day, dressing up as these two:

(margot & richie tenenbaum)

anyway, happy halloween! we're eating pumpkin pie and going to our neighborhood's howl-o-ween dog parade to celebrate!


  1. haha! levi looks so bad ass. ps: i'm in love with your honeymoon registry.

  2. my hubs and I have never dressed up either. This year I'm going as a witch & the hubs will be a construction worker (which is what he really is, how original right? lol) HOpefully our kids will think we're cool and not embarrassing!

  3. I love your pictures! we haven't ever dressed up for halloween either. yesterday was the first time i dressed up since i was a kid, except for that time when i worked at an upscale department store 6 years ago and went to work in my pajamas with a curler in my hair. haha that was fun!

  4. hahaha this is so hot. Love Levi's bandana


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