28 October, 2010


i've been so busy and frazzled and stressed and stretched-thin lately that sometimes emotions just come bursting out of me.

seemingly from nowhere.

but we all know that they're coming from somewhere.

busyness hides issues and unhappiness. it covers it all up and makes you forget about them for the most part.

but that doesn't mean those little demons have gone anywhere. they're still right where you left them.

lurking. waiting. scheming. plotting.

i have to schedule time to have chats with these little demons of mine. specifically thursday afternoons from 5:30-6:30 with my beautiful counselor, holly.

it's nice to have a time and place to stir up the thoughts, feelings, and deep-rooted fears that i'd rather just push down to the very depths of me.

it's nice to have accountability.

it's nice to have a place to cry.

it's nice to be able to say anything i'd like.

in any way i'd like to say it.

i am very blessed and very grateful for that one hour every week.


  1. good luck, I may need to start scheduling my 1 hr a week!

  2. its so good to get those thoughts and feelings out in the open....

  3. BIG HUG! praying for you (: xoxoxox all my love!!

  4. I see a counselor every week myself and I am ever so grateful for that time. Even when I think I don't have much to talk about, something usually bursts up out of me. It is my relief. Glad you have that too.

  5. Yay! This is my first time on your blog and I'm loving it! I've spent the last hour going through all of your archives and having a blast! You and you're future hubs are gorg!
    I'm you're newest follower :)
    xo tash

  6. Hugs & more hugs :) (And lots of smiles!)

  7. kisses+hugs
    It's always good to cry:)

  8. 11am-12pm Mondays is mine! it really is so nice to feel safe enough for that one hour to let it all out.


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