28 May, 2009


we are coming down from all the excitement of the last few days.

it feels like it's been nonstop good news since i got my first paycheck (it was lot bigger than i expected) on saturday.

oh, and get this, levi got a raise yesterday.

WHAT is going on here??

i mean it's fantastic, and we are sooooo happy, but i'm kind of exhausted now! i kinda feel like sleeping for a week!

have you ever had an insanely crazy long streak of good news and good things?

tell me about it. i think i might be in the mood for even more good news.


  1. I think this proves what they say...that good things happen to good people. :)
    Congrats darling!

  2. congrats doll- you deserve it!

    streak of good news and good luck:
    met *his* family AND get along with them, ran a 5 mile race without dying, got 2 invites to weddings, found out my girl from hs is soon-to-e engaged (she's sneaky), my brother got a job, my sister's moving home....

    it's hard to mope with days like these. i hope your streak continues (maybe with a nap thrown in there)

  3. Enjoy your stay on cloud 9!

  4. I've had a run of bad days, recently...but I'm going to live off your happiness today.


  5. you're going to have to change your blog name to an experiment in rolling in the dough.

    seriously, so happy for you!

  6. wooo! You may have to change the name of your blog ;) if things keep going this way! That is really good news!

  7. that's awesome! keep the mood up and hopefully all the good stuff will keep on coming your way!

    Usually my luck likes to pair itself with bad news. I get laid off and he gets a raise but I let it all work itself out in the end!

  8. I'm so happy for you! (: take a nice long breathe and celebrate!

  9. i just discovered your blog a love it!

  10. The same has happened to me those last weeks! Emailing you about it right now! :)

  11. I am so unbelievably happy for you. I'm so glad you keep getting good news! You deserve it. Hopefully things just keep looking up :)

  12. It is all good karma heading your way because you are such a darling!
    Glad its a fabulous time in your life! xxx

  13. well deserved! i hope it doesn't stop, either!

  14. That is so good. I am terribly happy for you 2. We just found out that Luke gets a 2% bonus on his next paycheck for no reason. For a teacher this is VERY unexpected and VERY exciting. yay for good news!!

  15. YAY! What a very exciting time for you! I'm very grateful for all the fabulous things (and mainly people) in my life, however, I think I'm due for a streak of good luck! Bottle some up and send it my way!

  16. I am so happy for you both.
    Ummm...can you pass whatever lucky feather you have, our way for a day?

  17. a continuous showering of blessings I see in your future, my friend. :))


  18. A grip of good news is awesome!! I totally get it!
    Here is our latest streak:
    -Parker(my son) qualified to get not one BUT two cochlear implants.
    -We have a surgery date for next Friday.
    -Hubby decided we needed a little R&R so tomorrow headed off to Monterey.
    -Qualified for a Home Loan.
    -Found out credit score jumped 50 points.
    -I'm Ovulating!

    Woo! Now I'm all giddy.

  19. I hope the good things keep on coming. You definitely deserve them~

  20. Keep em coming! Rock on ;)

  21. When it rains - it pours darling! Congratulations to you both!!!


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