28 May, 2009


don't you wish we could do a cupcake swap??

i am dying to try all your yummy looking homemade cupcakes.

but there's that whole freshness factor.

not to mention the whole eating cupcakes made by strangers and delivered in the MAIL factor.

p.s. can anyone please tell me what is going on with the google reading list? my posts aren't updating until hours after i publish them (everrrry day). and, by that time, they're at the bottom of the list you've already gone through! it's very frustrating, and i have no idea how to fix it. any technological geniuses out there? :/

***UPDATE: check this out. do you think we could do it??***


  1. YAY!
    That's all...YAY for seeing you!

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  3. Thank you for the "love" on my blog again! We are very excited and will be documenting every moment. So after he gets "hooked" up I will have a video of the process and him hearing for the first time posted on my blog!

    Cupcake Swap!! Oh and we have a yummy in my tuummmyyyy cupcake boutique where i live. MMmm! I wish I could mail one... or maybe someday we will meet in person and I could give you one! Now that would be awesome! Woo long comment. :/

  4. when i was 14, i went to a sonic youth concert and made kim gordon brownies. she took them but moments later i saw her throwing them away. she caught the look of despair on my face and she had to explain to me that taking food from strangers was dangerous and your line about that completely made me remember that. why do people have to ruin it for people like us? waaa.

    as for your reader situation, sorry to hear that but i always thought that was the norm. it happens to me all the time :/

  5. sorry for the long story/comment!

  6. you made those?? my gosh!! talented!

    i get cupcakes at a little botique store and they sell lavender and honey cupcakes... TO DIE FOR!!! oh and the lychee and rose... yumm!
    steal flavor ideas here-

  7. omg are those "sprinkles" cupcakes?! yummalicious! i would SO do a cupcake swap! i could like on cupcakes. and you know what's weird? i don't like cake. just cupcakes.

    i am having the same annoying issue with google reader. i wish i knew how to fix it!

    p.s. congrats on all the fabulous news!!!

  8. Want to swap some Sprinkles cupcakes for Magnolia's cupcakes? I don't know how fresh they would be but the idea of a west coast/east coast swap sounds delicious~

  9. Yay Sprinkles!

    One of my fave bloggers overnighted me cake balls from Austin - they were from a bakery though...and totally yum. I actually looked into sending her Sprinkles cupcakes, but they don't ship them that far. Sadface.

  10. 2 thumbs up for any kind of cakes ...

    noticed the same thing with the reading list, my posts aren't appearing for hours after I post too. And in fact, I am just reading over your last three posts because I hadn't seen them in time :(

    but anyway ... cakes :)

  11. Oh, I wouldn't say no to those! yummy!

  12. Thanks for all the comments on my blog babe! really appreciated.
    yessss, I totally agree with you on the swapping of cupcakes. so nice! *stomach growls*

  13. to think of all the yummy cupcakes available in the States..and how i cant get any where I am...makes me think that cupcake swapping is genius! I LOVE THE IDEA. but sadly until someone invents a freshness guaranteed packaging, I doubt we'll be shipping cupcakes across continents.

    keep the dream alive though, hopefully someday in our lifetime! haha (:

  14. tell me about it! so many yummy cupcakes! and i'm having the same experience with google reader...all i can offer is commiseration though! xo

  15. yuuum! i said on my post today that i wish we could hava little virtual coffee shop that we could all meet and talk for hours at! how fun would that be? :)

  16. Mmmmm cupcakes, those are so cute! I am having the same problem with google reader too, but don't worry I even check yours when it is at the bottom of the list, cause I know there probably is something there and it is gonna be good ;) Have a wonderful day :)

  17. I so wish we could do a cupcake swap!
    Are those Sprinkles cupcakes I see pictured? :)
    They now sale their mixes at Williams Sonoma, but I don't think it does the real thing justice.

    Oh and no idea how to fix the google reader problemo...it's driving me crazy as well.

  18. i had that same prob last week and it seemed to work itself out... its working fine for me now.

  19. I'm hungry just looking at those cupcakes! How cute they look! Cupcakes are my new favorite thing

  20. Dude! I totally want to do a cupcake swap with you! Maybe when we move to LA or when I figure out how to mail cupcakes without getting frosting everywhere!

  21. SPRINKLES! Mmm, how I love sprinkles cupcakes, and well, cupcakes in general. Speaking of, I went on an interview last week and the company is a small start-up and apologized that they couldn't offer health insurance. Their peace offering> "oh, sometimes we treat our employees to Sprinkles" I was sold!

  22. man do I wish we could do a cupcake swap without worrying about those factors!
    I really want a cupcake right now

  23. i heart sprinkles. my friend brought me one of their red velvet cupcakes at work yesterday as a birthday treat!

    i want to try the ginger cupcakes with cream cheese frosting on 101 cookbooks...

    i thought about making them myself for our november wedding, but everyone said that would be crazy :) i'd still like to try!

  24. haha! how (not) to ship a cupcake. I gotta tell ya, I would be all for doing an experimental swap! I mean, come on, it makes for a great story if nothing else!


    Lemme know! :)


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