07 May, 2009

the future's bright

well hello there!

i had a really great idea for a blog project that i was going to work on today, but it will have to wait now because i got called in to work last minute! i am very excited by this because it means more money! yayyyy! so just sit tight a little longer for the project. i think you will all really love this one! i love it already, and i haven't even started yet!

for now, i'll just tell you all a little more about my job. last night was my first working night. they told me that i wouldn't be serving; i would just be observing the event and maybe helping at the registration table. haha! yeah right. i worked my tail off last night. some highlights include:

- spilling an entire tray of drinks down my pants in the middle of the dance floor in front of everyone
- developing carpal tunnel in my wrist from carrying heavy trays and bussing tables. it's been more than 5 years since i've worked as a server. i'm weak!
- and sitting in traffic for more than an hour on a hot day in my car with no air conditioning to get to work. :/

honestly, i think i was just kind of in shock from being thrown in with no instruction. i actually learn best this way so it was definitely a good thing. and even though i had kind of a rough night last night, i'm really looking forward to going back tonight. one of the girls i worked with was such a sweetheart. she was so helpful and understanding. i hope she's working tonight so i can get to know her better! as soon as i get the hang of this whole thing and get to know everyone better, i'm really going to like this job. as soon as i get my first paycheck, i'm really going to love it!

levi and i are so excited about all the things we'll be able to do with more money. with more money, we will be able to:

- move! we can get a one bedroom that's not in the ghetto! hurray!
- decorate! we can decorate our apartment so that it doesn't look like a college dorm room, but a grown up's home.
- eat out! we love food and restaurants and have missed frequenting our local favorites.
- shop! i haven't bought new clothes for myself since october i think. i can't wait to shop again!!
- pay bills! i am so excited to be able to pay all our bills on time. we will finally get to feel like responsible adults. it will be fantastic!
- travel! i get $50/night hotel rates at any of our hotels in the country with this job. ummm - oh my goshness!!! how cool is that?!?

we can't wait. we just can't wait. life is really really good.


  1. yay!!!!!

    Yay for money! and yay for shopping! and YAY for decorating.

    I'm with ya girl, i can not wait to get a job. I've got two serious call-back interviews and both are looking very, very good.

    Here's hoping!

  2. oh! and {ps} i'm super excited about this future project!

  3. oooo. new project, eggciting (:
    and all the best for the new job! gotta love them employee perks. if you worked at a clothing store (i did), you'd be deceived into spending more than you earn..because of them damn employee discounts ;)oh,
    and say hello to lily for me!
    (I'm sure if aramis and lily met, they'd be buddies)

  4. yay for fun jobs! :) i'm excited for you things are all falling into place. can't wait to see whatcha got brewin for us! :)

  5. Your blog is so cute... and your new job sounds like it will be great! I used to be a server, thats so sweet about the hotel deals! :)

  6. Oh my goshness, indeed! Yay to everything on your list; all that sounds very exciting!

  7. yay! sounds like you are very excited...I'm currently looking for a job, hope you like yours!

  8. omg lol...BUT YAY FOR MONEY!!! this photo is so great!!!

  9. congrats on the new job! i am not looking forward to losing my income when i start school again in the fall... for now i drag kiwi on all the frozen yogurt dates i can possibly afford before then!

    hotel discounts? sigh... what is better than jumping on a hotel bed/ cable t.v./ and room service. i heart hotel getaways with the sweetie.

  10. I love that you did those colours in order of the rainbow. I'm a dweeb like that.

  11. congrats!!!

    i just got a new job too. =D

    yeah cant wait for the shopping spree. yay!

  12. Congrats! That all sounds like a great plan:) Moving out of the ghetto is flippin' heaven, being able to pay bills on time even better, not being able to see your bed from the front door--priceless! Totally so happy for you both!

  13. that's all such great news!! i'm moving to a much less expensive apartment in a few weeks and all those same things about money are sticking in my head! my bills will be payed when they come, ill be able to buy clothes, lots of food..yay!! and the 50 dollar hotel rate...holy cow! thats awesome!!

  14. and sounds like you might need to change the title of your blog! ;)

  15. When I was a cocktail waitress at a Philadelphia concert venue, my hand left hand would literally get stuck in tray holding position. I would have to massage it out. Thanks to those days and the past three years of working on a computer, I have carpal tunnel and have to do wrist exercises and wear braces sometimes. Earnin' a livin' ain't easy! LOL

  16. I'm excited for you:) Your job sounds fun! Hehe. I work at the same little retail store I've been at for 2 years. It can get old, but money is money :) And money is awesome. This is my new favorite blog just so you know:)

  17. yippie! this post was so fun to read...love the energy and excitement. i'm all pumped up to start my day now. thanks!

  18. So happy for you.
    "Spilling an entire tray of drinks" done that a week ago, not that clever to try opening the door while carrying a heavy tray... but I had less washing-up this way :)

  19. I'm very happy for you. The Mister & I have been very poor as well (doing okay right now but still poorer than most people we know) and it is amazing how the simplest things & the littlest bit of income make a person feel better. We always joke that when we aren't worrying about returning the library books on time we are RICH b/c we don't sweat the 30 cents-a-day fine.

    I've never been a server but I have the utmost respect for anyone who can do it - and $50 hotel rooms is definitely a reason to be happy!

  20. Yay for money! And yay for sweet new friends at work!

  21. You are such a trooper! I love how positive and wonderful you are! I'm so happy for you, Jasmine! xoxo

    But remember, the fact that you have a job is no reason for you to neglect your blog :))!

  22. I'm soo happy for you! I can't wait to pay bills on time too...! Goodbye grad school, hello job! I love that you get that great hotel deal - that's reason enough to love your new job. I love it for you!


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