05 May, 2009

catching up

i have been tagged and awarded recently by a few lovely bloggers. it has taken me a really long time to get on this, and i apologize. so this post is dedicated to catching up!

warning: it's going to be a long one! i won't be offended if you skip ahead, skip around, or skip it altogether. :)

first tag:
kathleen from just a small town girl tagged me in this one. i love kathleen. she's such a beautiful, joyful person. if we met in the real world, i know we'd be friends.

Rules to follow... if you're the kind who follows rules (i am not): Respond and rework. Answer the questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, add one more question of your own. Tag five other un-tagged people.

what is your current obsession?
these are more like ongoing obsessions: macarons (see post below), blogs and blogging, and dreaming about the day i can start buying clothes again (soon!!!)

what are you wearing now? 
my cleaning clothes (i'm cleaning today....sort of) - dark grey super soft comfy loose empire waisted tank and black cropped workout pants

do you nap a lot?
almost never. i usually feel nauseous and disoriented when i wake up from naps. i do, however, sleep A LOT during the night. i need 9 hours of sleep a night to be fully functioning. 

what would you like to learn to do? 
everything. i'm a school junkie, and i want to be an expert at everything. i'm starting a new major in the fall - Art History. i am suuuuper excited about it. i also want to go to cooking school and learn how to make gorgeous, delicious pastries and gourmet meals. i want to learn to play piano and sing better. i want to continue to study ballet and other forms of dance. i want to take photography classes to learn how to take better pictures. i  think i'll stop now, or i'll just go on forever. 

what’s for dinner? 
blah. we are reallllly poor this week (low tips for levi and high bills all due at the same time) so tonight we're either having spaghetti or frozen dinners. :/ 

what was the last thing you bought? 
that would have to be gas. wow. my responses are intriguing! 

what is your favorite weather? 
it depends on my mood. i love rainy days, but i also really enjoy perfect summer days. nothing over 80 though. too hot!

what is on your bedside table?  

wooden dancer from my  mom, little flower dish to hold my jewels, dried flower from the bouquet levi bought me when i passed my state board esthetician licensing exam

what is your most challenging goal right now? 
learning to be patient about reaching all my goals

do you have a blog you read daily even when there are no updates? 
not when there aren't updates, but you can see some of the blogs i read regularly in my blog list to the right!

what would you like to have in your hands right now? 
a key to an apartment that levi and i would love

what would you like to get rid of? 
my self doubt and insecurity

what language(s) do you want to be able to speak? 
French! fortunately for me, my new major requires that i study French for two years. i start in september!

what's one thing you're looking forward to? 
the row boat date levi and i have planned

if you were to pick up a pen right now, what would be the first thing you'd write? 


who was your childhood crush?  
elvis! i cried when i found out that he was dead already, and i couldn't marry him.

what do you want to be... when you grow up?
honestly, i just want to be a good wife and mother. and happy.

my tagging is going to be a random selection of followers on this one, and i'm only choosing 3 instead of 5:

next on the list: mara from in so many words presented me with the Honest Scrap award for being...well, honest! as a recipient of this prestigious award, i am supposed to tell you 10 honest things about myself. well, here goes:

1. i always want to lose 10 pounds. no matter what.
2. i got into a car accident a year and a half ago that turned me into a really overly cautious driver.
3. i have bad dreams almost every night.
4. i hog the covers.
5. i have a tendency to dress like a cartoon character...as in, i find myself wearing the same thing over and over and over again.
6. i'm not super into shoes. i like them, but i don't love them.
7. i think i'm addicted to sugar.
8. i turn into another (really cranky, kinda mean) person if i don't eat every 4 hours.
9. i love levi more than anything on the planet (like you didn't already know that!).
10. i can be kinda shy sometimes.

i am passing on the honest scrap award to these three lovely (and very honest) bloggers:

and that concludes this very long post! if you read all the way through, thanks for hanging in there! if not, i tooootally understand. :)


  1. I think that if you mastered the art of a good nap..you'd WANT TO DO IT EVERY SINGLE DAY!.except maybe you'll end up being extremely unproductive, much like myself. ha(; I'm going to enjoy my mid-day naps as much as possible while still a (sorta) carefree student (: it's mid week!


  2. This was great! I get very cranky when I don't eat too...just ask my roommate. We once had a major miscommunication involving an apple and my theory on our stomachs being like tanks and how hers was fuller than mine and that's why I should eat the apple and not her.

  3. I just wish I could nap but I usually fall asleep for 20 minutes and then wake up in a panic!

    Thanks for sharing - I love memes like this because they allow you to talk about things you wouldn't think to talk about.

  4. I love these tags. it is always interesting to see a personal side of the person behind the blog

  5. I have bad dreams every night, I hog the covers, and I MUST have at least 8 hours of sleep too!

    I liked your lists! You're really lovely.

  6. I loved your tags! I love that you don't nap, I wish I didn't I think it's such a waste of a good day but I still do it, I love that you are shy sometime bc I too def have my shy moments and I love how you are so in love with Levi :) I know how ya feel and it's a wonderful feeling!! :)

  7. Aw, you're a doll :) thanks!! Great post, too!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. love your answers so honest and fun! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  10. Thanks for tagging me, lady! Loved your answers!

  11. Dear Jasmine! This is great, THANKS SO MUCH for tagging me, I love these kind of posts :-) I have only one question: what is the name of this game? Or I can name it whatever I want?....Anyway I loved your answers :-) Have a lovely day, love: Evi

  12. I am almost obsessed with my boyfriend lol (your post reminded me)
    love the tags :)

  13. I'm a school junkie too! I am constantly taking classes--last one I took was calculus. My friend's think I'm crazy!

  14. i thought i was the only one who couldn't nap. i feel the same way when i wake up!

  15. I totaly read through and I'm so glad I did! I love your honesty, you are a star! I relate with many things you listed, but number 5. wearing same things over and over and 8. turning into a mean person if I don't eat - that is so me! xoxo

  16. What a great list! Thanks for the tag! I truly appreciate that. :-)

  17. awwww thank you...your such a sweetie!

    I'm still sick so this is going to be a short comment :0( loved all your answers...when I'm feeling much better I will comment more.

    have a marvelous wednesday!

  18. I think I'm addicted to sugar, too. I had to go to the grocery store yesterday to buy a couple of donuts to satisfy my craving... oh dear.

    I also love learning... I graduated from college but I still want to go back to learn more things! Like French.. you go girl.

  19. awwwww, thank you for sharing!

    It makes me so sad that you have so many bad dreams:(

  20. Ok, you are nuts, Jasmine. Shoes are my woorrrrrrrrrrrllllllddddddd. Well, not really but if I love anything about getting dressed, it's the shoes I get to wear. Right now, if I could go on a shopping spree, it would be to buy ridiculous amounts of pairs of shoes!


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