06 May, 2009

inspiration in all kinds of places

i am feeling a complete lack of inspiration this week with everything. i don't know what my deal is, but i just feel like the least creative person on the planet. maybe i'm just coming down from all the excitement of last week. i don't know, but i don't like it! my brain feels foggy, my eyes feel sleepy, and i'm just kind of out of it. ya know? now i do realize that it is only wednesday so i shouldn't write off the entire week, but i have a tendency of forgetting that "this too shall pass."

so all this lack of inspiration has got me thinking: what inspires me?

1. blogs inspire me. reading what other people have to say gives me ideas, gets me excited, makes me smile, all kinds of good things. here are a couple blogs that provided me with some much needed inspiration today: poptart, apartment 10, hide & seek, and the little misses.

2. baking inspires me. who knew, right? i just popped some muffins into the oven, and i swear i am feeling more creative already!

3. looking at old photos inspires me like crazy. it reminds me of happy times, and what's more inspirational than happiness??? plus, old photos just look cool. here's one of my favorites. it's me and daisy! i think i was 3.

4. and finally, my mister levi inspires me - his faith, his art, his love, his support, his words, his goodness, and his work. when i think about how truly amazing this man is, i am inspired to become more worthy of his love.

now tell me - what inspires you?


  1. I love how you use your blog to spread warmth and positivity--Keep it up!

  2. I'm glad to know that I helped (:

    I think anything related to food inspires me! Last night I hopped into the kitchen to make a mean tiramisu for my housemates. it was uplifting! (:

    xx it's only midweek, tml will be better (:

  3. we all feel dumpy sometimes...i think the simple things that inspire us give us an awakening. hope you feel better soon!

  4. Don't we all have those weeks sometimes? I need to kick myself in the butt nearly every single day.

    Going on bike rides inspires me.

  5. inspiration:

    1. being moved to tears by a performance.

    2. my father, he is the single hardest working man i have ever met in my life.

    3. my mother, she gave me life, she's always the voice in the back of my head pushing me forward when i am sure i can't go on.

    4. random acts of kindness. yesterday i saw a stranger helping a sweet old lady carry her groceries up the the front stoop in the rain. it made me smile and gave me hope for this world.

    5. the change of seasons. life goes on. just when it seems bare and dark, a single green bud pops through, and everything begins again.

    6. singing. anytime. anywhere.

    7. the smell of a green room. if you are in the "biz" in any sense, you totally know what i mean. it is full of history from the actors who have gone before.

    8. my little sister. she continues to surprise me daily. i thought she would be a baby forever... i can't begin explain the feeling of watching her grow.

    9. true love. the kind that lasts for sixty years. the kind they write books about, that they then turn into movies. but not the movies, the real life love is the true inspiration. the un-hollywood-ized true love.

    10. my jake, without him i would be lost. his eternal optimism and work ethic inspires me daily. his love of life and his love for me keep me chugging along even through the hard times. he is my soul mate. my heart.

    {thank you for feature and for constantly inspiring me}

  6. creative bloggers inspire me too! flowers, and trees, just the natural colors of them inspire me. my grandma inspires me. she's incredible. i get inspired by high-fashion magazines, as far as photography. i love looking at illustrator magazines and blogs too, i'm not sure why . . . i'm horrible at drawing, but for some reason, i LOVE looking at illustrations. my friends and family definitely inspire me! ah! so many things . . .

  7. Feel better soon dear!
    I've been looking at birds lately & how God has provided everything for them...food, water, shelter & yes, wings to fly! ~Blessings as always beautiful!

  8. Old music and jasmine incense inspires me along with getting out to explore some place in our city that I haven't gone to yet. (the last one works the best for me) It always gets blechy and bland before the really fun stuff happens. xo

  9. I agree on the blog reading, and I too have some muffins in the oven as I type. Being outside inspires me more than almost anythings else. Seeing others' creativity inspires me. My students inspire me, and I've never been more productive since I married my husband.
    You and your blog are both adorable. The husband is kinda great too.

  10. Oooh, photos inspire me, too!

  11. I've been feeling very uninspired myself but I'm feeling great again! Blogs inspire me as well!
    you & mister levi are precious

  12. inspiration ...

    reading something i would never have thought of in a million years.

  13. hmm, also, I forgot to add, getting into blogging and reading other peoples blogs ... looking at their amazing photos has really made me happy about how many creative talented people there are around this place .... inspiring and cheering at the same time.

  14. baking inspires me...but probably cleaning up/organizing inspires me most!

  15. well you inspire me and you are the owner of my favorite blog EVER!! I just found it and can't wait to check it daily....
    hope things are looking up...and inspiring for you :)

  16. Hi Jasmine! Thanks for stopping by my blog, SO lovely to meet you. Honestly I get nervous about blogging...I tend to be too open, too honest...know what I mean? But the blog world is such a lovely way to meet other creative individuals that I may never have otherwise met. So, here I am :) I love your blog. So beautiful.

    We'll be chatting, I'm sure...

    Noelle [the little misses].

  17. that pic of you and yours husband (above) inspires me. love it!

  18. i adore that photo.

    everything inspires me. its almost a problem.

  19. you are too sweet for linking me. THANK YOU.

    love that picture of you & levi. way to be adorable (:








    take a walk
    read a book
    watch etsy how tos
    do something for someone else
    eat something really healthy
    blast your favorite song
    take on a hobby or a sewing project
    paint your nails.

    that's all.

  20. well first, that little post of yours inspired me. i've been feeling the same way and i feel sad about nothing! whats going on :) but hmm what inspires me... other blogs, photos, shopping (ha!) coffee shoppes, josh, little kids, walks, yoga, music. ;) have a wonderful day!

  21. the girls i nanny inspire me. so full of fun and life. i used them all the time for photo projects.

  22. you two are so cute (this is my first time here; i like what i see).

  23. There are so many fun blogs that I read each day -- all by the love of google reader! thank goodness for it.

    what inspires me -- my daughter. I do it all for her.

  24. First of all, I love your blog! When I came across it I was so excited...finally someone I can relate to. Sometimes when I look at other people's blogs I feel like I am totally not evolved. Everyone seems like they have it way more together than I do. But they inspire me to try harder and to be more creative. You are truly inspirational in the fact that you stay positive, have fun and can turn a not so positive situation into something fun. I love it!


    p.s. congrats on your new job!!

  25. Good looking couple. Thanks for at least not being eyesore.


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