29 May, 2009

straight ahead

i have recently realized that not having that much in terms of money and possessions just means that you have soooo much to look forward to. levi and i recently went to rodger's gardens. it's this really amazing garden "store" in newport beach. i say "store" because the place is gigantic and beautifully landscaped. it's like being in an enchanted garden...where you can buy stuff. anyway, it got me thinking of all the things i have to look forward to. i may not have the means or space for a beautiful fountain or a huge, lush garden right now, but i am able to look forward to it one day.

with all the good news that has been coming our way lately, i have SO many things to look forward to right now. especially with summer coming. and i just love looking forward to things. it's almost as nice as the "things" actually happening.

here are some things that i am looking forward to:

- moving into and decorating our new apartment (duh!)
- finally having a patch of dirt at our new home where i can plant a little garden! ranunculus are first on the list.
- arguing over paint colors with levi
- my birthday!!! it's on june 17. i don't know what we're doing yet, but i loove my birthday and count down to it every single year. kinda like an eight year old. my family and friends are kind enough to humor me.
- the new harry potter movie!!! i am a harry potter fanatic. i was clinically obsessed when i was reading the books.
- new books and creating a little reading nook in our new home
- summer clothes
- the fourth of july. i have this thing for fireworks. i love them. i've cried tears of inspired joy at every single fireworks display i've ever seen.
- so you think you can dance. the first three episodes have me thinking that it will be a good season.
- swimming in our new swimming pool
- having people over now that we have the space
- long walks and leisurely bike rides
- ice cold lemonade and lots and lots of barbeque sauce

what are you looking forward to in your life right now? and what are looking forward to in your future?

(**update: i am LOVING reading about what you're looking forward to! it makes me all excited! i guess i'm good at vicarious living. keep em comin!)


  1. i'm looking forward to finishing school, and a lovely long summer with my friends.
    and cheesecake; everyone looks forward to cheesecake!

  2. I nodded my head and smiled when I read your list. So fun! Ps. Every summer my family rents a beach house in Newport. Amazing! I want to visit that garden.

    I'm looking forward to

    -watching my son "learn" to hear for the first time

    -hopefully adding to our family

    -summer baking in the pool

    -otter pops for breakfast, lunch and dinner

    -planning weddings and baby showers

    -reading anything and everything Lewis Carroll has written.

  3. summer is the best. my birthday is an august, and i also look forward to it like an eight year old! yay for summer birthdays!

    i'm also looking forward to more adorable photos of you and levi. they are so cute and always make me smile.


  4. Fireworks make me cry too...but do you know, I have never read any Harry Potter. eek. I am ashamed, but I have to wait until it's completely uncool to read them anymore--that's my style :)

    And I'm looking forward to leaving the country for the first time ever tomorrow. Yippee! [and this part's a secret...but I kinda can't wait to get back and sleep in my own bed already]

  5. Hey, I tagged you on my blog. Check it out!

  6. I look forward to becoming my own boss one day, whether I run an eco-lodge or start a nonprofit. I haven't decided yet, but I know I want to have my business in Central America. I haven't picked a country yet either, but it's between Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, Guatemala or Honduras.

  7. I'm looking forward to go back to Switzerland, to GRADUATE!!!, to have a relaxing summer, and to start university!!

  8. Happy Gardening! How fun! I'm sure you're place is going to be so cute with all the spiffy decorations and such...

  9. I'm looking forward to warmer weather and summer nights that are perfect for taking a stroll.

    P.S. Love the first photo!

  10. I love those dreamy pics at your future fountain:) Happy almost birthday!

  11. Love the photos!! We are looking forward to our Saturday morning date and being alone together after a super busy week.

  12. oh that reading nook sounds amazingggggggg

  13. I also am looking forward to Harry Potter! Ooooohhhh!!! I love it. I'm so excited!

  14. Maybe it's a June 17th thing, but I LOVE my birthday too! My husband doesn't really understand it... perhaps he never will. It is the perfect day, AND time of year, for a birthday.

    I'm looking forward to a California vacation & more things with photography!

  15. YAY to harry potter, bike rides and OF COURSE..your birthday! (:

  16. i'm looking forward to figure out my life... what path i will take... where it will all lead... my future is completely up to me.

  17. I am looking forward to lots of trips in July to see family and just for the fun of it. I am excited for our 8 year anniversary, one day before your birthday!
    I am looking forward and dreading Lucas starting school in August. I think he will love it, I just hope he can sit still.
    I am looking forward to all the summer blockbusters coming out like Transformers, oh and ways down the road and not soon enough (Nov 20th), New Moon movie! Yeah!

  18. you guys are great! for the short-term, i'm looking forward to splurging on a $4.00 bouquet at the farmer's market tomorrow. and for the long-term, i'm looking forward to being closer to my sisters.

  19. I'm the same way with my birthday, I love it! This year is my 30th, so maybe I should celebrate for the 30 days leading up to and including my b-day. Overkill?? Lucky you to be able to plant ranunculus. They are my absolute favorite flower.

    I'm looking forward to my boyfriend finishing up the current section of his training (an hour and a half away) and moving just a few minutes away from my house. I look forward to the exciting life we'll have together, living all over the world. I'm also looking forward to my 30th birthday in August. Such a big milestone, I don't dread it one bit!

  20. I am looking forward to summer in general. It means so many wonderful things that happen to be my favorite.

    Barbeques, the 4th of July (my favorite!) Our annual vacation at our favorite little island, our anniversary. Blah blah blah...you get the point :) Have a wonderful weekend.

  21. ohhhh I just love your blog soooo much! and I'm sooo happy you and levi have the new apartment! I completely get what you mean by looking forward to events and things in the future. It's what keeps me going..you know? any way i'm looking forward to fresh summer dresses, long days at the park, swimming at the beach and being in the city most of the time here in Chicago. There's nothing more I love than the city. And not having "the things we r looking forward to" just yet, just makes it that much better when we do have it.

  22. I can't wait for the fourth of July! Fireworks are my most favorite thing in the whole world.

  23. I love your blog. This post made me so happy. My husband and I are also a little "monetarily challenged" right now as he just lost. It is nice to see such a fresh and positive perspective as I can get a bit down sometimes about our current situation. Thanks for brightening my day!

  24. have i told you lately that you're a sweetheart?


    you're a sweetheart. have a wonderful weekend!

  25. I'm looking forward to;

    - Having all my coursework done
    - Having summer BBQs
    - Spending time with my friends over the summer holidays
    - Going to my cousin's engagement party in June
    - Going to Silverstone =) in june


  26. i love your optimism, thanks for making me smile :)

  27. Mmmm.. I am looking forward to all of the neat things that Gretchen will do for the FIRST time this year!

  28. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your new apartment and lovely new decor! Oh the paint, the kitchen and all! :)

    And I'm looking forward to a 2 week holiday in France with my mom and auntie!

  29. I'm looking forward to .....

    *NYC in September (I'm so excited)
    *Movie - NY I Love You, New Moon and also Harry Potter
    *Moving in with my boyfriend one day
    *Visiting the West coast of Amercia
    *Being Debt Free :O) August 2010 hopefully

    Love your blog by the way .... its sooo happy. You both are a lovely couple!!!

  30. ____J, i can't access your profile to get to your blog! eeek! can you give me your blog address? or make your profile viewable? thanks for the tag!

  31. you totally just gave scott and i our next date day!
    i love your list! i hope you get it all done and so surprised (and thrilled) you love harry potter!
    have a great weekend!

  32. If you do figure out how to send cupcakes (and ensure freshness) pray tell! Then I will surely send them asap. (& I promise not to poison them either)

  33. Wow, love your blog and your personality!!!

    Here's my partial list:
    ~My sister in law's bridal shower and wedding~
    ~Our first annual Fourth of July Bash~
    ~Building our dream home in Georgia~
    ~Making dinner every night~
    ~Surprising my husband with his new wedding band~

  34. I love this idea so much that I just made my own blog entry on it. You rock jasmine! love your blog!

  35. I'm a friend of your mom's Jasmine. Here is a cool cupcake blog for you. Andie lives across the street from me and she is amazing. Thought you would like to see them too since you like cupcakes so much. Loved reading your blog and both you and your mom have darling haircuts!! I'm assuming it is because of Levi?? You make a cute couple!!

    Happy Summer!! It's almost here.



  36. I'm obsessed with Harry Potter too! Currently the Mister & I are listening to book 6 together at night for an hour after our girl goes to bed - we are getting ready for the movie which I am just SO excited about. Don't even ask how many times I have read the books...

    Listening to the books is really fun AND we downloaded them for free. It is so much fun listening to a chapter or two together and then discussing it afterwards. Fun AND cheap. :)

    So many other things to look foward too:
    -my daughter learning new words all the time
    -taking walks together to get gelato
    -my community garden plot that I have waited 4 years to get!

  37. What a great post...the future: hmmmm so many things i look forward to. But i want to enjoy today and the moment i'm living in. Not missing a smile or breath of fresh air.
    Thanks for the comment. I really enjoy meeting new bloggers. And i must say you have quite the blog!
    Can't wait to read more.

  38. your blog is so charming!!
    all the best to you and levi!
    i might hit you up with some more questions about the blog mods, but hopefully we'll be in touch cause i've got you on bloglovin now too!!


  39. Thanks for the comment about our little puppy! I'm sooo excited to get her in a few months! I love your blog and completely agree about having things to look forward to. My biggest thing right now is that we are finally able to buy a house and get our puppy. It's been many years of dreaming in the making, and many puppies passed up. :)

  40. Oh, and in answer to your question I am looking forward to our new puppy and home (of course), arguing over paint color with spencer, planting fresh vegetables and mint (for Mojitos!) Kansas City BBQ competitions and long walks around the neighborhood and visits to the dog park!

  41. that garden does remind me of secret garden or something :)

    ps, thanks for the comments, and you should follow me :)

    -kevin of basquiatthinksimcool.blogspot.com

  42. Oh I want my engagement party! NOW...I want a job I enjoy ..I want to publish a book. I want..oh so many things!

  43. summer oh summer! I'm making a great schedule for summer! because I'm going to visit Europe for the first time!!! yay!!!

  44. these are all very good reasons to look forward to. I am looking forward to happier days =), more laughter and simpler things in life. Normalcy. Happy Sunday Jasmine!

  45. "- my birthday!!! it's on june 17." HAH! Fellow Gemini!! I KNEW IT! :)

    Also -- so glad to hear about the good things happening in your life. I think your blog does such a good job at expressing your gratitude for what you already have, and in my experience, that just opens up so many doors in life to more happiness.

  46. i love your blog, so in the near future, i look forward to more posts from you and your adorable levi!
    i also look forward to morning jogs among the trees and watching "sleepless in seattle" more times than should be allowed with all the freetime i have in the afternoons!

    i hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!

  47. Pretty sure we can be friends. I was nodding my head with basically everything on your list of things to look forward to. Love it!

  48. I'm looking forward to: baklava at the farmers market, busy nights at the restaurant(which are stressful, but thrilling, all at once), a friend's bridal shower, and watching the movie,"The Chorus," with my mom.

  49. these photos are beautiful...did levi take them? anyway, just wanted to pop in and thank you for stopping by vintage simple. you seem like a genuinely sweet person and i am glad that things are looking up for you guys!
    all my best


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