13 May, 2009

an experiment in spending

we had such an excellent "weekend"! and now levi's back to work. i don't go back until tomorrow. speaking of my job, it's still great! some of you have expressed some curiosity as to how it's going (thank you for caring!!), and i am very pleased to inform you that is going very well indeed. i made a lot in tips this week. it was amazing. levi actually had a really great week in tips too. we had so much money by the end of the weekend (the real weekend that most of you get to enjoy - the saturday/sunday weekend) that we were a little nervous.

we really had no idea what to do with all this extra money! my instinct was to just horde it and not spend a cent, but that's completely impractical. we have bills to pay and needs to meet. we can't be afraid to spend money.

so we spent our weekend buying essentials, paying bills, and just having an all around amazing time in each other's company.

our first stop was target. ohhhh how i love target! we bought:

lint roller
kitty litter
a shirt for me to wear to work

and guess what??? we still had (a lot of) money afterwards!! it has been soooo long since we have been able to buy things we need and still have money after! imagine that?!?

next on the list: macarons!

after that, we went shoe shopping so i could get some shoes for work.

i think these men's size 20 nikes look rather nice, don't you?

we also stopped by see's candies. yummmmm.

said hi to this little guy.

and levi bought me a yellow (!!!) cutting board that was on sale at crate and barrel!

i don't have any fun pictures of us paying bills 'cause, really, that's just not much fun.

the rest of our weekend was spent laughing, talking, planning, watching the lakers, hanging out with my family, and just bein all in love and stuff. it was plain old fantastic, and i can't wait for next weekend!


  1. RELIEF!! congrats on not living paycheck to paycheck!! :)

  2. Yay, so glad you got to go on a mini shopping spree! I'm so jealous of your trip to Paulette, I loooove french macarons too!

  3. Sounds fabulous! :)
    I'm so happy you all had a wonderful "weekend"!
    I'm also glad you all were able to treat yourself after working hard all week! No doubt you deserved it!!!
    Oh and I'm dying to try these lovely macarons I keep hearing about!
    I think you can order online?
    what flavors are the yummiest?

  4. Awww! great pictures! It looks like you had a wonderful day!

  5. oh i'm so happy for you! i love when you get that first chunk of money from a new job, when you haven't seen a paycheck in weeks or even months! i've been there. it looks like you had an AWESOME weekend! :)

  6. ooo. colourful kitchenware is my favourite (: good call on the yellow!

    ps: I'll be hopping down to the postoffice tomorrow for a very special delivery!

  7. i can relate to you 100%! it's the best feeling to spend money on essentials and bills and know you still have enough to spend on little things, like a cute cutting bored!

  8. OoooOoooooo money money money moNAY {imagine me singing} I am so happy for you guys! I am right behind you though. The director of my class told me that she has a job lined up for me, which I'm hoping I land. I can taste the green stuff...but back to you...

    You Go Girl!!!! Spend that dough! Pay those bills! By the way...your outfit is cute! and the macaroons look divine! yummy!

    I can't believe your friend had to spell s,e,x in cursive in SECOND GRADE! that is soooo crazy. I would have been like, "teacher, i'm telling my mommy on you..." i was such a tattle tell back then hahaha

    your pictures are great! I so happy that your on your way girlfriend...do you!

  9. Heheheh...my 15 year old son was standing behind me when I pulled up your blog and said, "WOW she is RICH!! (so glad you are loving your job and life)

  10. Having a little freedom in the bank account is such a happy feeling!

    I'm so glad you had a lovely weekend!

  11. That sounds like so much fun. Believe it or not, I still get a thrill out of buying necessities at Target. Just love saving money. Hope you have a great next weekend.

  12. Omg. We did this when we moved. It was awful and then I got job... it was miraculous.

    Should I be given only one place to shop--it would be target. I go at least 3x a week at lunch

  13. Oh~ looks like you had such a fun long weekend and the macarons! Eating half of it's always good.. guarantees you can try all the flavours without feeling too sick there after:)

  14. I have been in this position: totally in love yet totally broke and having to constantly worry about how we'd pay the bills. But we were in it together, so it really didn't matter as much... we found joy in the little things, like yellow cutting boards! I know exactly how something like that feels, so good for you! Bask in the excitement of it all...

  15. I have been in this position: totally in love yet totally broke and having to constantly worry about how we'd pay the bills. But we were in it together, so it really didn't matter as much... we found joy in the little things, like yellow cutting boards! I know exactly how something like that feels, so good for you! Bask in the excitement of it all...

  16. Check ivymh.blogspot.com. An inspiring true story of a courageous young woman.

  17. Good for you! I'm so glad you got to take a break from the stress, and I'm glad to hear your job is going well!

  18. Fun! Fun! Fun! Great weekend you had - and as the ad goes - Priceless!

  19. Hey Jasmine! Thanks for the comment and suggestions on the dance/aerobic videos. I will have to check them out.

    And I also LOOOOOVVVVEEEE Target! So much. We don't have one in my college town. Sometimes when I go home to mom and dad's house I just go there and walk around. :)

  20. I too love target!
    I had my first macaron today because of this post and your love of them. It was lavendar with chocolate and so amazing! Thanks for the. New love.

  21. awe what a lovely post!!
    happy to hear your job is going well.

    I've never had that kind of macaroon -- they look so tasty!

  22. You make shopping look so fun!
    So glad that you like your job!

  23. Target is the BEST. Good job going in there and getting only what you needed and not a ton of other stuff. that is what always happens to me! those macaroons look so good, i have never had one. I gotta get my hands on one of those YUM. Glad things are looking up :) you might have to change the title of your blog ;)

  24. I'm soo glad that things are going soo well! Hooray! If anyone deserves it, it's you! You're just the best! Xoxo!

  25. I am so happy for you! Sincerely so.

  26. haha, oh Target! when I was in USA 3 years ago, we visited target a few times, and man, what a great salesment idea! everything you need at the same place. just fantastic ;)


  27. Thank you bunches for the macaron info! :)
    I think I'm going to bite the bullet and place an order!
    Passion fruit sounds oh so yummy!
    And I love that there is a Jasmine Tea flavor!
    Hope you have a happy day! :)

  28. aaah Macaroons.. PROPER ones not those American Coconut concotions.. I remember them well (joi de Paris). I was thinking deary I know of a FREE website... that if you were to say pop over there. You'd learn how to do some of what I do.. with four kids those Target days add up.. last week I got 3 boxes of Crest FREE, FREE vitamins and got our kitty litter for less than 3 bucks! Hit me up in the email if you'd like to know more.. You're still too darn cute the two of ya!!

  29. Jasmin, I think I'm in love with you both:))! I completely relate, completely (as does probably half of the population these days), but the way you write about it is so close to my heart and mind. And the fact that one of the first things you bought is macaroons is so fantastic! xoxox

  30. YAY Jasi!!! I'm ecstatic for you!

    Now you're going to have the change your blog name, you know that right? Hahaha. :)


  31. oh i love target. but... i don't think i've ever tried a macaroon. as least a memorable one.

    hmmm i need to get on that!

    i'm glad work is going well for you both. being employed is a blessing!!!

  32. It sounds like you had an amazing weekend. I'm so happy for you! Hopefully you will keep raking in the money!

    I just got my haircut and I LOVE it. I'll update with pictures later after I restyle it. Thank you so much for all your wise short-hair counseling :)

  33. you two are just adorable.

    target, my achillies heel.

  34. Macarons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ♥ ♥ ♥

    I'm in pretty much the same state of mind as I'm going to get my first paycheck next week, I'll be able to buy lots of cute things for my new flat (right now I only have a madrass on the floor, not that sexy).

  35. yaaay!!

    I got a job!! and one week's pay will my entire month's rent! Can you believe it?!

    "we're in the money, we're in the money... la dee dee dah dee..." woo!

  36. Hey there, just "discovered" your blog, and love it! I, too, am having to make my bills via tips, and it's a struggle that's for sure! Goodluck!!

  37. oh my gosh, you are too silly! congratulations on the little extra cushion :0)

  38. Hey there!

    I haven't read your blog in AGES, so it was a real treat to catch up this a.m.! Glad that things are going so well now... I just LOVE your pics, too!! I'll be in Cali for the summer... Can't wait... I think I may be out your way.... I'll keep you posted...
    Take good care and have a great rest of the week!
    Leesa (in France)

  39. One reason I NEED to go on vacation in Cali is the macarons! I enjoyed a few here in NYC, but I can't wait to try Paulette.


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