26 April, 2011

adios, piñata!

we were all feeling a little bit lazy in the days leading up to easter, so instead of an egg hunt, we opted for an easter piñata.

i got a littttttle bit hyper when piñata time came. i think i saw it as an opportunity to get out all the frustration that had been brewing inside me from being sick for more than 10 days?

whatever the reason, i went aggro on that thing:

and here's what happened when my mom knocked it down:

no, i didn't keep all the candy. i only took one piece. i can be mature too.


  1. OMG that was amazing, you crack me up! You showed that pinata who was boss :)

  2. How funny! We had an Easter pinata this year too!! It was my cousin's birthday so we beat up a dragon of course :)

  3. haha besides a piece of candy doesn't even beat the type of gourmet food you eat. seriously, y'all eat the best food.

  4. ha ha! i'm going to start saying, "i went aggro" -- have to steal that one, i love it!

  5. You went full-on Buffy the Vampire Slayer toward the end of the second one. :) Heheeeeee FUN!

  6. best video ever! laughed hysterically! you are too freaking funny!

  7. I loved your piñata hitting technique, cracked me up. And I say this every time you put your mom on your blog but damn she looks so young, like she could be your sister. What is her secret? lol


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