20 April, 2011

annnnnd he cooks!

the following will probably come across as bragging... because that's exactly what it is.

not only is my husband the hottest man who has ever walked the face of the earth, not only is he a talented artist and an incredible dresser, not only does he do my hair and get me treats and take care of me when i'm sick and, pretty much, spoil me rotten all the time...

he's also an excellent cook!

we recently got a barbeque with some of our wedding money, and levi is making great use of it.

so far, he has made:

steak, shrimp, sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, and zucchini


teriyaki chicken with spicy pineapple, rice, and zucchini

the pineapple is one of the best things. ever. he spiced it with cholula. YUM.

so basically, i am the luckiest woman in all time and history because i'm married to the best man who has ever lived... besides jesus. jesus definitely ranks higher than levi.


  1. yeah... you should probably keep him. he seems to be working out pretty well so far. ;)

  2. lucky duck! your hubs cooks AND you have adorable dinner plates!

  3. You ARE a lucky woman!!! Don't tell me he helps clean the house too!!!!????


    What a catch he is.

  5. Grilled pineapple is the love of my life I swear.

  6. bragging is totally allowed, in my opinion. geeze louise, i hope i get as lucky as you some day!! that food looks soooooo yum.

  7. aaw so cute haha! i was attracted to my man because he cooked but then he realized i cook, too... haven't seen him cook since. hmm... why can't i be so lucky!? way to go, girl!!!!


  8. Wow impressive plating! It looks like something from a fancy restaurant.

  9. That's so awesome! I love it when guys cook. My husband isn't too much into cooking, but his brother used to cook for us all of the time. Maybe I can get him to teach my hub.

  10. @LabelSnob actually, he DOES clean! he's a really good cleaner... he gets it from his dad. his dad cleaned our house for us while we were superpsychocrazy with wedding planning, and it was amaaaazing. the air felt clean when you walked in.

  11. oh yeah! @mic - those plates are awesome. they're plastic! my mom got us a whole set from target. i think they still have them there... i love them! they're all mismatched patterns.

  12. You lucky lucky lady. Go ahead and brag! And eat all your delicious foods :)

  13. You are one lucky lady!! Where do I find a man like that? ;)


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