19 April, 2011

fever mode

this is what my life has looked like lately:

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

i've been sick since wednesday night, and i'm still sick today. it sucks. being sick always makes me feel really bad about myself. i feel fat, unproductive, and disgusting. i feel guilty for not taking care of things, but i also feel like falling over every time i get off the couch. i guess i just have to let my body heal and stop being so hard on myself.

bonus to being sick: levi makes me really good dinners, watches romantic comedies with me, buys me books, and brings me coke slurpees and happy hippos.

p.s. did anyone catch my tiny wings reference in the title of this post?? being sick also means playing tiny wings... and cursing at that little bird for not moving fast enough.


  1. I just finished Bossypants and oh my gosh I loved it! I read it on the plane and was literally laughing out loud every other page! I think everyone was ready to throw me out of the plane by the end of the book, but whatever! it was that good! I hope you enjoy{ed} it! :)

    and feel better! xo

  2. boo to sickness!
    and yes, STOP being so hard on yourself! rest, rest, rest! that is the only way you will get healthy! feel better soon!!

  3. Sorry that you're sick. Not fun. Hope you feel better soon!!

  4. feel better soon!! if tina fey can't heal the sick, i don't know who can :)

  5. Uh, YEAH I caught the Tiny Wings ref. I LOVE me some Tiny Wings!

  6. Feel better, Jasmine! Reading Tina Fey is a good start.

  7. If it makes you feel better, I learned in a class that we are evolved to have the "blahs" when sick. Apparently sitting and doing nothing makes you recover faster :)

  8. Gah! LOVED Bossypants! Tina Fey = amazingness incarnate.

  9. Really want to read that book. :)
    What's tiny wings? I want to play!

  10. but you're still pretty :)

    and i need to know what this tiny wings crap is.

  11. Oh! I'm so sorry you're sick, that really sucks. I've read a few bits from Bossypants that bloggers have posted -- I'm excited to read the book!

  12. Is Tina's book good? I see a lot of people are reading it. Worth buying??

    P.S. Feel better!!!


  13. I hope you're feeling better! I have heard so many good things about Bossypants! I really want to read it now :o)

  14. Sad! I hate being sick. Although time to read and watch movies unapologetically is always nice!! ;P


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