06 April, 2011

friend date

stacey and i got together on saturday while levi was out of town.

we had SO much fun together... as usual. we're so comfortable with each other and so similar! it's really nice to have someone who understands me so well. too bad she lives in chicago.

on our date, we...

...went shopping (browsing) at anthropologie,



...looked in some other shops,


...visited the puppies at the pet store,
...ate chocolates,
...had delicious mexican food for dinner at jalapeños,
...and shared these desserts at roy's:



oh yum.

we were the last ones to leave the restaurant around midnight... then we sat in the car and talked for awhile. i didn't get home 'til after 1:00!

i love that girl.


  1. I love that you two found each other. I have made one great friend from blogging and we have been friends for a year now. Luckily she lived in the same town as me. We still laugh when people ask how we met ;)

  2. Best night ever! Man, I just loveth your face! Miss you already! Come to Chicago NOW!

  3. Looks like a great weekend. Good friends are such a gift, no matter how far away they live. :-)

  4. This looks like so much fun complete with yummy treats too! Aren't friend get togethers and dates just lovely...you are both adorable and I'm glad you enjoyed your day!

    Liesl :)

  5. you both look so darn glamorous!

  6. I love anthropologie -- there was one when I lived in Pittsburgh, but when I moved to a small town, I lose that luxury! (Probably a good thing, really...)

  7. Those desserts look mouth watering. I mean, they are mouth watering.

  8. Ooh that looks like a fun shopping day! Those desserts are making me hungry too. Mmm mmm! :)

  9. Jealous you got to see her while she was out! Levi did an awesome job in her hair!

    We must get together soon!


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