13 April, 2011


these are my confessions.

1. i'm prone to exaggeration.
i.e. i say things like, "this is the cutest thing i've ever seen" and "i love it with all my heart."

2. i abuse exclamation points!!!!!!!

3. i don't care the teensiest bit about prince william & kate middleton or their upcoming wedding.

4. sometimes when levi has asked me to take care of something before he gets home from work, i wait 'til he texts me to say he's coming home before starting it.

5. i often eat the same exact thing for lunch (or breakfast or dinner) for weeks at a time.

6. some days i don't leave the house until the sun has already gone down.

7. i have a backlog of pictures and stories for blog posts that i'm too lazy to write.

8. sometimes remembering to take pictures when i'm out feels like torture (please see #1).

9. however, i have 166 pictures of the sky on my iPhone... all taken in one day.

10. sometimes it takes me a month (or more) to wear something that i absolutely had to have.

11. i can be a raging bitch some days for no apparent reason.

12. i don't like having my picture taken, but i do like having pretty pictures of myself.

13. i have a collection of kelly dolls in a box in my closet. sometimes i look at them.

14. i stopped watching the oscars because i never see oscar-worthy movies anymore. i prefer films like the lizzie mcguire movie, which i saw while it was in theatres. i also saw spice world at the theatre.

15. i can be a terribly pretentious snob.

16. i have to check my heart rate while playing tiny wings. i'm serious. i'm not exaggerating on this one.

17. last night, i wore ugg boots with rolled up jeans and a sweatshirt with no bra or shirt underneath. OUT IN PUBLIC.

18. i wanted to come up with a good final item for this list, but i got distracted... and then i forgot... and now i'm just too lazy...


  1. i love this post!
    would you take pictures of your kelly dolls and do a post of them?
    i love exclamation points too!!!!

  2. Uh...I watched Spice World on Hulu just the other day. It was a very warm feeling in my heart to see those girls again. So young. So full of love and positivity...?

  3. My exact tweet yesterday--"I don't care about the #royalwedding and neither should anybody else. It's just another couple getting married & too much money being spent."
    The end.

  4. re: #8
    some things are just for you....no picture needed.

  5. I love this post, baby! It made me laugh out loud... Again! Thanks for being yourself on here!!

    Oh yeah, and read my blog too, it's:


  6. hahahahaha LOVED this post! Awesome!

    My (Newly)Wed Life

  7. I was laughing, then I saw Levi's comment, and I started actually laughing out loud.

    I LOVE www.freeadvertisingforcopying&pasting.blogspot.com !

    It's my favorite.

  8. great list! i love your honesty- as always.

    i also love that your hubs comments! so fun!

  9. I love that you post things like this. And i love that you wore that outfit out in public, if I owned uggs, I might have done something similar. I might also be a little bit prone to exaggeration...and using the word love.

  10. @samnhal - i don't even own uggs! i borrowed them from my mom (who "borrowed" them from my sister) in january for my honeymoon and never returned them. there's another confession! they are seriously the world's ugliest shoe... but they're soooooo comfortable.

    @baby - i love you.

  11. LOVED this post! So hilarious! I can sooooo relate to almost all of them!!! (case in point-abusing exclamation points!!!)!

  12. yesss i LOVE this post!! i really thought i was the only one who doesn't care about the royal wedding!! haha

  13. confession: i pretty much amen'd every point. i think we'd be great friends.

  14. #3. the only reason i sort of care is because her name is kate...


  15. Haha I totally do some of these things too. I'm a habitual eater as well -- I get on a kick over a food and just eat it all the time!

  16. best post ever!!! Talking to you on the phone right now!! :)

  17. I have got to say it, I think we would be fantastic friends if we ever met :)

  18. #17 was my favorite.

  19. hahaha...this made me :D so much...i wish i could not wear a bra in public sometimes :(

    And I'm surprised the royal weddings big in america? really? yh, definitely surprised about that one.
    Anyway, enjoyed that post a lot (but then i always enjoy your posts!)

  20. Other than no Iphone or Uggs it sounds like I could have written a large majority of this about myself. Second post I read in a row of bloggers loving that app. It must be a good thing!

  21. AGREED! who gives a crap about the dang royal wedding! haha

  22. I love the confessions, I can relate to most of them, especially #3 & #7

  23. I just found your blog, and lurve it already... I am so with you on numbers 7, 11, and 12.
    #7: I remember when I was thinking about starting a blog worrying that I wouldn't have enough things to blog about; now I find I have photos from trips, reviews of books, exhibitions I've seen, all from months and months ago that I just don't find the energy to post (I want to show a bunch of pics and really write about each one).
    #11: I am generally a really nice person, but some days a wave of bitchy crankiness hits me without warning (to the dismay of all those I encounter).
    #12: Somewhere is a photo of me crouching down hiding behind a garbage can at Disney World when I was in high school. The intervening years have brought many photos where I was willing and ready to have my photo snapped, yet I look terrible in almost every one, leading me to feel I will never have a good photo of myself.
    Oh, and #14! I average one movie in the theater per year and never get around to seeing most of the nominees (they're usually so depressing!), and the awards shows just drag on, trying to be entertaining but being so not.


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