21 April, 2011


things i want right now:

1. the magical disappearance of 15 pounds from my body... overnight
2. the magical disappearance of all my student loan debt... overnight
3. another toasted crumpet with butter and apricot preserves
4. a baby

things i'm looking forward to:

1. friday's launch of the violet magazine
i got a sneak peek, and it is amazing. i'm not just saying this because camilla is my friend. it's gorgeous. be excited.
2. getting my Paragard IUD switched to a Mirena and living a life sans horrendous cramping every single day
3. accompanying levi on a small work trip to san luis obispo in may
4. the fair this summer

things i dislike at the moment:

1. being ill
2. my crazy neighbors and disrespectful apartment manager
3. my dirty kitchen and bedroom and living room and bathroom. my dirty house.
4. the fact that stacey and camilla don't live nearby

things i love always:

1. God
2. my husband
3. my family & kitties
4. flowers & coffee

how 'bout you?


  1. Oh goodness, you're so beautiful! I wish I could lose about FORTY pounds.... overnight! But I also get baby fever now and then :-D I'm sure you two will make adorable babies together some day!

  2. yes to the pounds. yes to the student loans. and yes to the baby.

    mirena iud? um. i kind of hated mine. good luck sista.

    boo to being sick and loud annoying neighbors.

  3. Yes please, student loan debt can dissapear.....right now. I love my kitties too :) Hope you start feeling better soon!

  4. Nice list, girl. :)

    I am TOTALLY with you on the annoying "weight" of student loan debt. Only 15 more years of payments....lol.

    Thanks for being real. And beautiful. And thoughtful.

  5. You don't want a baby overnight? Yeah, I can see how that would cause difficulties. I'll keep that in mind about your IUD in case I ever get one instead of using the pill. That trip sounds lovely and I don't even know where san luis obispo is, it just sounds lovely.

  6. I switched from the Paragaurd to the Mirena a year ago and never looked back. It's great! No cramping=happy wife=happy hubby. Also getting the baby fever too...what is is about turning 30? :)

  7. I feel like I need a post like this! It's an easy way to semi-vent .... I need that right now.

    I'm excited for the violet magazine, toooo!!

  8. I wish so badly we all lived by each other. Our lives would be complete! I miss you on a daily basis.

  9. You might even find that weight drops with the birth control. Birth control can just really make you crazy and feel horrible at the same time. Good luck with everything!

  10. I LOVE YOU.

    i do i do i do.
    this post is great.


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