27 April, 2011

passion and a new venture

sometimes i forget that people who read this blog don't already know everything there is to know about me. i know i've talked about flowers a little bit here and there, but i don't know if i've made it clear that flowers are one of my passions in life.

so let's just get that out of the way, shall we?

flowers are one of my biggest passions.


so, with that in mind, i've decided to start incorporating flowers into my blog posts a bit more.

as you know, i did all the flowers for my wedding:

photo by monica b; flowers by jasmine l. h. myers

photo by monica b; flowers by jasmine l. h. myers

you can see the full post on that here.

our friend, colin, owns an online shop called hope street flower company. they sell flowers in bulk at wholesale prices and ship them directly from the LA flower market to your door. it's pretty cool because you have to have a wholesale permit in order to get top pick of the flowers and the best prices at the flower market. "regular" people can't even get in 'til much later in the day.

hope street flowers, very generously, provided all the flowers i used for the wedding.

i had a BLAST going to the flower market with colin and picking everything out. i was seriously in my element. i have NEVER been that energized at 4:00 in the morning.

sooooo, colin and i have decided to pair up again! on my blog!

i'm going to start doing little flower projects to feature here, and hope street flower company is going to provide the flowers i use.

i'm really excited about this new venture, and i hope you are too! honestly, i'm a little bit shy about this. yes, even the girl who posts ridiculous videos of herself childishly smashing a piñata to smithereens gets shy! i'm nervous to show my ideas because i'm not a professional, but i'm hoping that i can inspire you with my projects and that i can improve my abilities while i'm at it.

stay tuned for my first flower feature tomorrow!


  1. So exciting! I am looking forward to what you do with your new flower arranging opportunities--I am sure us readers are in for a treat because your wedding flowers were beautiful!!!

  2. bring it on girl! i have no doubt you'll bust out some awesome projects.

  3. Yay! How fun and exciting! I love, love, LOVE flowers too! I can't wait to see your pretty projects!

  4. I'll admit I kind of stalk your wedding flowers photos because the arrangements are soooo gorgeous. Be bold! (PS You have an EXCELLENT sense of peonies-- which are the best!)

  5. you did an absolutely beautiful job on your flowers! peonies are definitively my favorite.

  6. You rock at flowers, and I still can't get over your wedding flowers!

  7. Yay! I'm so excited that you're doing this!

  8. Ooh! That sounds like fun! I look forward to seeing your creations.


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