11 April, 2011

spring cleaning

levi and i did some pretty intense spring cleaning yesterday.

we worked so hard that we were starving by the time we were done. starving, but exhausted. fortunately, there was a little bit of häagen dazs cookie dough ice cream in the freezer. all we could do was sit and stare at the tv as we finished it up.




obviously, i had enough energy to grab my camera too. ;)
(btw, our walls don't look that fluorescent in real life.)

you probably can't tell, but those blinds, screens, and windows behind us are spick & span, thanks to yours truly!

today, we're going to try to enjoy the rest of our weekend... maybe with a bit more ice cream and a bit less cleaning...


  1. I love that you used self-timer to take pics of ice cream eating. Fun stuff.

  2. I need to do some spring cleaning too! I think ice cream is the perfect reward for all that work :-)

  3. I LOVE the wall color. Up until I bought my house, I've painted a room in each place I've lived that color of green :) Hubs isn't keen on it yet though haha. Btw kudos to you because I can def tell the windows are squeaky clean!

  4. wait... you'll clean for häagen dazs?? oh man! uh... need a job? ;)

  5. really love your blog!!!
    it´s great!!=D

    follow u honey =P

  6. This makes me realize how much spring cleaning I still have to do. I did all of my normal cleaning this weekend, so that was a start, but man, our house needs a good deep clean. Too bad it probably won't happen until the semester is over.

  7. WIll you come spring clean my house. I tend to think I just did but then realize I really just threw things in closets, and swept and mopped which should be done regularly anyway. Miss you!

  8. that ice cream is so delicious! I am sure it made all of your cleaning worth it ;) Cute living room!

  9. Awesome! Good job on cleaning. I really, really need to do that in my apartment! Lol.

  10. I have to admit I love me some spring cleaning. It's just nice knowing that everything's... fresh, ya know? And I love these pictures, they look like stills from a movie!


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