05 April, 2011


i feel really excited about life today. i'm not sure why... but who cares? i love it!

it's spring.
the sun is shining.
the sky is blue.
my husband is back from his trip, & i no longer have to worry about him being on an airplane without me!
i got to see stacey this weekend (more on that later).
i have a phone date with camilla today.
i'm making plans with jenny.
my sister's birthday was yesterday, and we had the best day together (more on that later too).
the dishes are almost almost done.
i got to do a wee bit of shopping over the weekend.
and i started playing tiny wings on my iphone!


(these instagram photos don't have much to do with this post... but i like them, and i like instagram. you should join! it's fun. i promise. and be my friend! my username is avec_la_fleur.)

life is just good right now. i'm going to enjoy this feeling while it lasts!


  1. Love those days! Haha. Love that you say the dishes are ALMOST done. When are they ever? :) :)

  2. yay for good things!! i'm still {im}patiently waiting for the sun to shine in indiana....

    i am OBSESSED with instagram!! i'll be following you soon:)

  3. Tiny Wings is awesome!


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