28 April, 2011

flowers: simple spring lilac arrangement

last week, colin at hope street flower company sent me some gorgeous lilacs. before sending them, he asked what shade i'd like (lilacs come in a variety of colors, but are most commonly known for being purple). i asked for something in a soft, cool purple shade. the ones he sent were the perfect color, and they smelled amazing.

i think lilacs are the quintessential spring flower. they provoke a feeling of freshness, innocence, and romance.

lilacs are really beautiful on their own, so i wanted to use them in a really simple arrangement. what i came up with is about as easy as it gets.


i think these simple arrangements would be perfect for a spring wedding or party.

simple spring lilac arrangement:

*tip: if you can't use your flowers right away, fill clean buckets with at least 6 inches of water. keep the flowers in the clean water in a cool, dark place. i keep my flowers in my garage. it stays nice and cool out there and keeps them fresh until i have a chance to use them.


i found these little white tin buckets at target for $1 each.



i removed the white ribbons and used some leftover ribbon from my wedding to give each bucket a little black and white bow-tie.



all i did to create the bow-tie was pull the ribbon through the holes and tie two knots. i tied the first knot with the right side overlapping the left and the second knot with the left side overlapping the right. this ensures a straight bow-tie.


trim the ends until you get your bow-tie to the size you like.



and there you have it!


aren't they dapper?

next, fill the buckets with water, and trim the lilacs to fit the size of the buckets. i used about 8 flowering stems per bucket: 4- 6 to go around the outside and 2-3 in the middle to give the arrangement some height. play with the flowers until you get them looking the way you want.




and that's all there is to it!

thank you to hope street flower company for providing the beautiful lilacs!


  1. LOVE this! oh man, lilacs would have to be one of my fav flower smells. so fresh! and i'm so excited for this new series you're doing!

  2. Adorable! I love the bow ties :)

  3. There's nothing quite like fresh lilacs - Beautiful! I love your pointers on how to make an arrangement - I'm a little "floral challenged" so it's much appreciated! Hope Street looks like a very solid business - I might have to order some flowers for my friend's wedding in August. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Sometimes I think people overestimate how important height is in flower arranging... I love the buckets because they're smallish but totally elegant. Also, I have a very patient flower shop that has become used to my coming in just to stick my head in the bucket full of lilacs... they're so lovely :)

  5. Such a lovely DIY project and idea! Love lilacs and your added little touch to their home looks beautiful!

    Liesl :)

  6. Oh my gosh! Love this post and love these flowers! The bow ties are amazing with the white bucket and the pop of purple!

  7. What a cute idea! Might have to make something like this for mama's day.

  8. So pretty and I bet your house smells amaazzing now! Lilacs are my favorite :)

  9. Love this! You are so talented. It really gives an English countryside vibe to your display! Have a great weekend Jasmine :)

  10. Lilacs were one of my grandmother's favorite flowers. I always think of her when I see or smell them.

  11. aw! What a lovely little post! I love how simple the arrangement is.

    Have a great weekend!


  12. you are quite awesome. (:

  13. Super cute Jasmin! I'm really excited about your flower how-tos and would love to link if you didn't mind!

  14. Ooh very cute! Good job. :) I love pretty flowers but rarely buy them. I really should though - they make the house smell so nice!

  15. You are so creative! I love that you even spice up your choice of vases. That color of lilac is beautiful. I've never seen it before.


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