08 April, 2011

one of my favorite foods

the artichoke is one of my favorite foods, and this is my favorite way to prepare it.

roasted artichokes

what you'll need:
2 artichokes
1 lemon
2 cloves of garlic, peeled
olive oil


preheat the oven to 425°.


cut the stem off the artichoke. cut 1 inch of the top off. trim all the leaves. rub all cut edges with a cut lemon so that they don't discolor.


tear off 2 large squares of foil. rub a few drops of olive oil on the center of the foil, and place artichoke on the foil stem-side down.


push a clove of garlic into the center of the artichoke.

sprinkle about 1/4 teaspoon of salt and drizzle about 1 tablespoon of olive oil over the top.


squeeze half of a lemon over the top. the lemon juice washes the salt and olive oil down into the leaves of the artichoke.

wrap the artichoke up.


place both foil-wrapped artichokes in an oven-safe dish. bake at 425° for 1 hour and 30 minutes.


let them rest in the foil for 20 minutes, and serve. they can be eaten hot, warm, or chilled.



i like to dip it in balsamic vinegar. delicious!

bon appétit!



  1. I love artichokes! My grandma makes stuffed ones, and my dad just made her recipe last week-tonnes of garlic, olive oil, parmesan cheese, bread crumbs and probably a few other things. Oh man SO GOOD.

  2. I was literally just thinking about artichokes and was going to look for instructions on how to cook them - this sounds delicious!

  3. Artichokes are the perfect Friday food-- they're always surprisingly celebratory! I think for me that's probably because a) they're just sort of fancy looking and b) my mom is allergic to them, so whenever she'd be out of town when I was a kid, my dad and I would eat them as a super special treat. They are fantastically NOT ordinary :)

  4. i LOVE artichokes!! this sounds and looks so yummy! I must try it out the next time artichokes are on sale (those suckers are spendy!) =)

  5. Love them! Beautiful top shot after its finished. Looks floral! :)

  6. Ohhh mah goodness! This looks delicious. I know what I'm making myself for dinner the next time my fiancé has to work late! :)

  7. This sounds amazing! Oh my goodness, I'm totally going to make these.

  8. I could do some artichokes. Artichokes like these.

  9. you read my mind! i totally googled a recipe for this a couple days ago and wasn't satisfied with anything i found. this is perfect!

  10. artichokes are so yummy. Have you ever had them with hollandaise sauce? So amazing. I think my favorite preparation though is when I get them at an Italian restaurant (preferably Angelo's in Little Italy in NYC) roasted with bread crumbs.

  11. a real easy way to cook artichokes is boiling in water for 1/2 hour. i like to dip the leaves in mayonnaise....

  12. I've never eaten one. I know, I know. Someday I will. Promise.


  13. Thanks for posting this its just the kind of recipe I have been looking for!


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