07 April, 2011

ivy, the birthday girl

my little sister, ivy, turned 19 on monday!

we both have mondays off, and levi was in north carolina, so we were able to spend the whole day together. we didn't really do much, but we somehow managed to have A LOT of fun.

we did all the things that make a day good:

1. we ate good food.
2. we shopped.
3. we tried on clothes we couldn't afford just for fun.
4. we drank good coffee.
5. we talked.
6. and talked.
7. and talked.
8. we discussed the merits of beards.
9. and we laughed.
10. and ate some more...




i think my favorite part of the day was laying out by the fountain at fashion island in the sunshine. it was so pretty and warm... you couldn't help but feel content.


photo 1

her birthday present still hasn't arrived in the mail yet, but this is what i bought for her:


it's a 5-year diary that asks one question every day. i bought one for myself too, so that we can do them together!

happy birthday, ivy! thank you for letting me spend your day with you! i love you!!!

**update: the diaries are available at anthropologie. i bought mine on amazon for cheaper, but they're really expensive on amazon now.


  1. ok. i have been looking for the perfect 5 year journal to get for my friends and me!! where did you find this one??

    and that food looks delish! i'm so jealous you're able to bask in the sun.

  2. Yoiu two look like such beautiful sisters! I've considered doing a five year journal... maybe this will inspire me!

  3. What a fun day!

    Where can I find that journal? I would love to get one!

  4. Sounds like you pretty ladies had a blast! I am lucky to get to do about the same thing with my sister this Saturday! My husband will be busy test taking and she is coming in for the day/night! We have already planned on shopping and possibly a mani/pedi at my fav place.

  5. i just updated the post with a link to where you can buy the journals. i bought mine on amazon for cheaper, but for some reason they're selling them for over $99 and up on amazon right now. ?????

  6. This is such a good idea. Maybe I'll do this for my sisters if I end up moving away from them.

  7. I love that journal! GREAT gift!

  8. Look how cute you look :-)

  9. Aw I bought this very same journal through Amazon back in January and love it. I hope you're both enjoying it!


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